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Please Help Me Im New @ This And Need Major Help To Pass Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frannie13, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. okkkkk so im just going to start off with im new to the game and need answers from more seasoned folks.  Ok so I have basically been smoking, probably give or take a few days, every day since like november 2012.  And now comes the time I have to get freaking drug tested :confused: ....a depressing time in anyones life! It is VITAL that I pass. I have stopped smoking since may 31st and my drug test is on june 10th!  I am asking my fellow tree lovers to help a sister out and give advice on: what is the best cleanser to take?, where can i get it?, and any other helpful hints to wash mary jane out of my system?
    I will greatly appreciate any advice people can give.  I have been reading through forums and have seen people have used Strip NC and Zydot?  also cranberry pills and niacin? perhaps these will be useful? opinions/ tips/high-rants greatly respected. thank youuuuu!  :metal:

  2. Either get synthetic or someone else's pee. You won't be clean in 10 days after stopping heavy consumption no matter what.
  3. go to your local head shop and buy a pee test kit for about $25. or buy a condom fill it up with a buddies pee and hide it on the inside of your pants. make sure that shit is tied tight though.. and make sure its fresh because they can tell by bacteria growth if its old pee. no more than a few hours old.

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