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please help me! i think i have laced weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lalaloo, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. #1 lalaloo, Aug 23, 2008
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    hey everyone. i usually don't believe in weed being laced or anything, but i'm fucking scared. here's what happened.

    last night i picked up some HQ bud from my usual dealer. i've gotten weed from her about 45 times before (all dank), and i got back home and decided to smoke.

    i smoked maybe 0.4 of a gram. it was a fairly medium sized bud.

    the high was the worst high i've ever had in my entire life. i started freaking out. my heart was beating super fast. and then i fucking blacked out! i passed out for a good 20 minutes on my porch. i felt sick. it's the worst experience i've ever had in my entire life. i literally felt like i was going to puke my brains out. my body still has this numb feeling, and it's about 15 hours later.

    i'm not one to automatically assume or think that there's something in the weed. but really, could this be laced? i've never felt so sick in my entire life time. i've smoked a hell of a lot of weed - nothing compares to this. i felt like i was dying.

    can someone please give me some advice / opinions on what the fuck is going on? i'm sorry ya'll, i'm just super scared :(
  2. Calm down, its over now.

    Dealers have no reason to lace weed. It's more expensive for them, plus if they give out laced weed, no one will want to buy from them again!

    You said you have bought from her a lot of times. Call her up or go see her personally and tell her what happened. Ask if shes gotten any other complaints or if this has happened to her.

    It could have been laced from the person who sold it to her, or something else might have happened (can't tell for sure honestly). I wouldn't recommend smoking any more of it until you talk to her too.

    Btw, did it taste any different than regular weed?

  3. I know it's over now. I'm just having like flashbacks from last night. I seriously thought I was dying. My legs are all sore too because I thought something was on them and kept scratching them.

    I know that dealers have no reason to lace weed - which is why i've never really complained when I had a bad experience. but this is just over the top.

    it did taste different. more sweet than usual.
  4. Shit...I'd smoke a bowl of it.

  5. it wasn't a pleasant high. i thought i was dying. no euphoria. pure hell.

  6. this is basing the consumer-dealer relationship on too high a level. It might not be expensive for the dealer for one, if the dealer is spraying with something like rat poison.

    why would someone do this? who-the-fuck-knows. why do people kill random strangers? same thing...sometimes people just DO things.

    anyway, sorry bout the trip dude. Toss the nugs or bring them back to your dealer and make her smoke some.
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    Hmm, if it smells wierd and not like weed its possible you smoked some moldy
    buds..and if it wasnt that like agent said, it could have been sprayed with something
    (who knows what) to make your buds heavier. HES A SCUM BAG if thats so
  8. nahh, it smells normal. but when i smoke it, it's much sweeter than usual. almost like candy tasting? i'm not sure if that makes sense. maybe it was just a super different strain. but i'm convinced there's something in it. i know what mold looks like - there isn't any....
  9. Sorry about that man, inspect a few buds under a magnifying glass and check em out. Your dealer may deal other drugs as well, and someone may have accidently gotten something onto your bud and just didnt notice or care.

    Have your dealer smoke some, and warn her. If the same thing happens she should give you a new bag or something. Good luck!

  10. thanks man. yeah i don't think she deals other drugs. i know she's just a big soft drug user (weed, and shrooms). I've never done shrooms, so I don't know about that. Could weed be laced with shrooms? Idk. I'm gonna go inspect it all real close.
  11. you probably had a panic attack
  12. No you can't lace weed with shrooms, even if you could find a way for the shrooms to stay attached to the buds, the heat from the lighter would kill the psilocybin.
  13. hmm it coulda been just super super super dank. i remember when my bro first started smokin hed puke if he smoked more then like 2 big bong hits. and THC makes your heart beat faster so being super high will make your heart beat super super fast. but like that other guy said if you wanna find out go to your dealer askin for another bag and offer him or her to smoke another bowl out of your bag that you already have. if they refuse ask them whats up
  14. There have been SOO many threads about this shit. Dealers DO NOT lace weed. It's not economical at all. You have probably just never been that high before and you had a panic attack. It happens to 99% of people at least once. BTW, my friend blacks out every time he smokes.
  15. scratching.. nautiousness.. sounds like coke to me

    and to the retards saying people dont lace weed.

  16. quoted for truth.

  17. thank you. coke with weed isn't too uncommon around my area.

    i just called my dealer, and she told me that she also puked from smoking it. so something is definately weird....

    also - who moved this to apprentice tokers? i've been smoking for quite a while...hardly an apprentice
  18. Wrong. I've been offered weed laced with coke or pcp several times. I've always declined. People do it around my area all the time to get people hooked.
  19. wow...
    cocaine has to be freebased to be smoked, buddy. if you sprinkle some coke on your bud it aint gonna do shit but maybe make your mouth numb as almost all of it burns and doesnt produce any effect. your shit wasnt laced with coke man, you had a panic attack.

  20. and i've had panic attacks several times. that's the reason i smoke weed - is to stop my anxiety. i've never experienced a panic attack while smoking, and i don't think that's possible.

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