Please help me help with PPM on General Hydroponic Nutrients.

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  1. Help with PPM on General Hydroponic Nutrients.
    \t\t\t \t\t\tI am having some problems understanding PPM. I am using the General Hydroponics nutrients with a HM Digital PPM Pen

    I'm using General Hydroponic products and going off of their Expert Flora Series (look at the attachment). This is what my local hydroponics store told me to do.

    I'm using a 10 gallon res but only filling it with 3 gallons.( I change water every week and clean the tubs tubes etc) The PPM readings I am getting when I stick the meter intothe one gallon jugs I use to fill the res up are showing 150- 163x 10ppm . I'm kind of confused on ppm because I'm literally doing what home grown told me and taking the nutrients and dividing it by 50%

    In Each one Gallon Jug I mix up the following for Bloom
    4ML of PH down (water system sucks and my hand is too messed up to carry jugs.}
    3ML of H202
    2.5ML of Flora Grow
    5ML of Flora Micro
    7.5ML of Flora 4Bloom
    2.5ML of Floralicous Plus
    5ML of FloraBlend
    5ML of Flora Nectar
    2.5ML of Liquid Bloom

    my water before Nutrients is at 360-375 PPM

    PH ends up right at 5.9 to 6.3
    PPM ranges 150-160 x10

    I'm Following the same directions of 50% for the seedling phase of the flora series that is in the attachment and I'm getting PPM's of 630-670. Super Confused....

    I really do not understand if I was told to use 50% and I"m getting that high of a ppm????

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Im on my first grow, not using GH but that seems like a lot of nutes for 3 gallons of water. just my $.02
  3. I don't know how you could not get some sort of lockout with that mix. Check out the Lucas formula much easier/cheaper. I'm not familiar with that pen but it seems off theres no way in hell you put in that much nutes and are still sittin at only like 300 ppm
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    my understanding is you want 100ppm for every inch of plant height to a max of 1200ppm.

    edit: your water before nutes sucks

    also, h2o2 kills good bacteria as well so I think you only want to add that when you're cleaning the resevoir every week or so and then rinse it back out?
  5. I'm sitting at way past that my plants should be dead or something! Either the pen is off or I'm not sure because I'm literally going 50% on the nutrients. Am I possibly not suppose to use the additives like the nectar bloom floralicous??

    Also that is the mix that gen hydro says is per gallon.
  6. I think I figured it out I need to be around 1600. The additional 400ppm are coming from my water. I need to dilute my tank with probably an extra gallon
  7. yes what I said is in addition to water ppm but I use RO that is always around 8-12 ppm
  8. Why are you mixing grow and flower nutes together?

    pH Perhaps yours is not reading correctly. Probes need to be wet (3.7) between use.

    Your tap water is way too hard, contributing to your problems

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    I'm running exactly what General Hydroponics mentions look at my attachment in the original post. Can you please explain what you mean by gro and flower nutes because my plants seem to be growing just fine? Going off of the gen hydro's chart using 35% of what is recommended and all the chemicals I mentioned are used through the whole flowering process except Flora Gro which I have just stopped because I have moved into Aggressive Bloom. We have already figured out the ppm level situation I'm just super confused with this comment. Why would a hydroponic company advertise specific chemicals to be used during flowering phase? My nuts ppm level is sitting at 1500 recommended ppm level at this phase is 1400 to 1600 with my nutrients.
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    you are using more H2O2 than Grow. What?

    Most companies develop Grow and Flower (Bloom) nutes to be used separately as each serves a different purpose according to the plants life cycle. Why GH mixes Grow and Bloom is odd to say the least. That their nute calculator tells you to use the same amount of each is even more so.

    That aside, I plugged in 3 gallons and did not get the amounts you are mixing. The gallon setting should give you amounts in ounces but in your post you use MLs. This may be one area where you are confused.

    Adding to your woes is that your tap water is pretty hard. Hardness in tap water is mostly Calcium. Their non-hard water nutes are formulated for (< 50ppm tap water), which requires Calcium to be added, so you are adding way too much Calcium. They do make nutes for hard water, which should help solve your problem.

  11. The reason companies have nutrients in separate jugs is because the compounds in each of those jugs are not compatible with each other at high concentrations. That is why each product must be added to water and not mixed together and then added to water.

    GH GROW and GH Bloom need to be used with GH Micro in order for the plants to get all the elements they need to live. 3 part nutrient solutions are a convenient way for a grower to manipulate exactly how much of each element that their plants need and they can dial in the perfect ratio of N:p:K:Ca:Mg That is why General Hydroponics recommends that you mix Grow with Bloom and Micro. More BLOOM needs to be used during the flowering phase because plants need more P and K and less N. plants need more N during the Veg stage so you will use more GROW and MICRO and less BLOOM.
  12. I have used several mfg nutes, this is the first I have seen of a company intentionally combining grow and bloom into a grow mixture. To say the least it is confusing to newbies, and frankly is unnecessary when properly separated so that grow nutes covers what the plants need during grow and vice a versa.

    As to plants needing more P during bloom, this has been proven false. Higher P acts as a buffer for those who use recirculating nutes, otherwise it is not necessary beyond 40 ppm.
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    Thank you!

    This makes more sence than what Preflora is saying because my plants are perfectly fine. The leaves are not showing any signs of nutrient burns since I figured out my PPM level.
  14. I use DM Gold Grow A & B and Flower A & B. Each is formulated specifically for Grow and Flower. No need to mix Grow and Flower together. This holds true with most companies. The flower additives that GH has you mix are already in mine and others. So why can't they do this? Hmmmmm. At the very least it is confusing and the poster is/was confused
  15. I use GH also but the flora nova series with liquid kool bloom. That chart is a eyefull for sure and to much for me at this time im not ready for expert but sounds like you got it goin good. keep us updated.
  16. I use Roots Organics from Aurora Innovations. During veg the feeding schedule doesn't say to add the Buddha Bloom but in flower you use both the bloom and flower. I'm assuming because it keeps growing in flower. Unsure why you add flower nutes during veg though.
  17. If you monitor your ppm levels you will be fine. I started with just the 3 main nuts and went to all nuts and my plants absolutely love it. I'll get some pics posted up very soon I have about 3 to 4 weeks left of flower!!
  18. Right on, i look forward to it.
  19. I use the basic GH nutes my first grow ever I go into bloom next week. I went to my transition phase a few days ago very light yellow on the bottom leaves just at the tips 2 leaves only. This is a seed I found in some dro the plant is growing a solid 1~2" a day now. I'm just using the basic scale on the bottle so it will be how I do it from here out. I feel like its not really your nutes its just finding one for you. As far as ppm I have never measured mine so I really dont have a clue. My plant has grown to around 14" I started it April 5.

  20. Your PPM levels will take a drastic effect when you start to go into Flower. If your using GH already look into the additional nutrients that I'm using they help out huge with your growth. When I was in veg I was also getting anywhere from 1 to 4" of growth GH nutrients are awesome so just imagine if you start using their additional products. Also if your not using a ppm meter make sure you are giving no more than50% of what the directions say. If you go to high in your PPM levels with nutrients(luckly when I posted this my ppm meter was calibrated wrong) you could really stunt the growth because the plants may go into shock. By the sounds of it you have been very fortunate like I was when I first started so keep it up!!

    I also just ordered some new strains from Attitude.
    Pinapple express, Super Lemon Kush, Northern lights + big bud, and Blackberry. I wont get these going for another 3 weeks I am moving to a bigger house so I can build a larger growing facility....

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