Please help me find a computer game

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  1. This computer game was made in the late 90's. I'm not sure on the exact year, but I'm pretty sure its between 1996-1999. Its like a fantasy game/rpg sort of from what I remember because there were zombies, skeletons, and potions and shit. The graphics are good, they were 3D. I'm not sure if it was 3rd person or not. But it definitely WASN'T one of those games where you're looking done from the clouds. Like you were actually street level. I never got far at all, but here is what I remember.

    The very first part of the game you're in a town at night. There are not a lot of people from what I remember. You walk down a gravel path, with a big fountain at one part if I'm correct. Then there's this house, you go in and get some potions and gold, and then you walk through the back door. There's a fenced off backyard with zombies coming out of the ground.

    The only other part I can remember, is that only a level or two forward you fight skeletons and there's a castle looking building nearby. I'm not sure, but I think the background was just like pure black if that makes sense...

    These are the only two parts I remember at all. Please help me end my search for this game!!!!
  2. Resident Evil?

  3. no lol its not that
  4. Elder Scrolls Daggerfall maybe?
  5. No its not daggerfall
  6. all of games in the 90s with potions and gold, maybe an alvin and the chipmunks game?.
  7. Wolfenstein: 3D
  8. Balders Gate?
  9. Thanks guys, I've already checked all the games you all have suggested. None of them are it sadly :( I really don't know if it was popular or not. I'm guessing no since no matter where I post this I usually get the same responses
  10. Kinda sounds like Diablo 1 but I don't think so because it was an over the head camera
  11. Sounds like D1

    If its not that then i really am not sure of a game by that description

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