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  1. First off i apologize if my english is bad its not my first language.

    Also dont get me wrong im not bashing weed and saying weed caused my problem, perhaps its always been there or its actually the inhalants i did when i was younger im really not sure.

    For an entire year now ive been plagued by an annoying problem after an odd weed experience where i had a panic attack and ive never been the same since.

    Ive never done drugs before besides doing inhalants once or twice, very stupid, i learnt it from a friend and wed do it, i only did it like 3 times and felt no bad effects after so it baffles me that weed alone caused such a reaction in me.

    Before this reaction ive smoked weed a few times and it was good, no anxiety no nothing but then one day me and my friend got some weed and smoked it i got baked out of my ass, higher than ive ever been then i started experiencing weird shit like the beanie i was wearing was burning my head so i had to take it off, really bizarre shit from then things got worse, pressure right in my forehead and head i started feeling "activity" in my brain like something spiraling and moving a real physical sensation, felt it in my face too.

    My entire body started vibrating violently like every cell in my body was shaking and became really hot like it was burning i asked my friend wtf he put in the weed and he said nothing i told him i have to get home.

    I walked home experiencing all these weird sensations it was extremely uncomfortable almost painful i still remember having auditory hallucinations of birds chirping but there were no birds at all. My heart was racing so fast thought i was going to have a heart attack.

    Anyway i got home, splashed my face with water and went to sleep still feeling these weird sensations in my body. When i awoke my body was completely fucked felt like i was in a wrestling match the night before my face felt the worst like i was punched in my face and someone stomped on it, so much tension in my face. I still had this activity inside my head thats the weirdest shit ever its not a tingling or a buzzing its some activity thats when i realised i fucked my brains up or something thats when i started panicking...

    My body was still warm and tingly especially my back i would get muscle spasms and eye twitches randomly... I beared these symptoms for a week or two before i went to the hospital, hoping theyd find a tumor or diagnose me with some disease so i could perish, free of this sensation in my head especially.

    They found nothing, doctor after doctor, nothing. Got put on some pills, didnt help. All the doctors i asked and i told them about "its in your head was the response" its been a whole year and im still stuck with this anxiety and the weird feeling in my head its so hard to describe its like my brain is being operated on.

    Some people have told me ive had a kundalini awakening and what im experiencing is crown chakra activity. At first when i researched it it fit exactly what i was experiencing the sudden rushes of electricity in the body the heat, itching etc. I believed that was what i was experiencing, i started meditating, focusing on my crown i found i could manipulate this energy and felt it spread down my neck into my lower body which i found very odd, but this didnt change anything my life was miserable and falling apart because of how i felt physically and both mentally.

    I thought id smoke again and see what happens im already fucked up so ill fuck myself up further i found the weed just made the sensations in me stronger and stronger to the point where i was experiencing ot the same way the first time. I really didnt know what to make of it.

    I started thinking of the inhalants i did years back and how that could very well be the culprit, the weed just made me aware of the damage perhaps? But i couldnt understand the brain cant feel anything so why am i feeling this shit? If i felt it anywhere else i would be ok but its in my head and dulls me severly.

    I searched everywhere on the net for people with similar sensation couldnt find anyone only those who meditate and had awakenings of sorts, crown chakra activity and shit. I even asked my friend who did the inhalants if he felt feelings in his head and body he also does weed mind you "youre tripping" he said.

    So im really at loss here, everything is shrouded in mystery all i know is im miserable as fuck also doesnt help im 18 and i have such a poor outlook on life since then. Going to doctors is useless, im perfectly healthy according to tests.

    Please if anyone here knows this is or have heard experienced something like this please reply. This post of mine doesnt do justice to the way i feel, im broken.
  2. I'm gonna level with you here...I think it is paranoia. Let's look at the facts here; first off there is nothing medically wrong with you, this would be the go-to if something was wrong, there would be a medical condition present; second of all you have very limited experience smoking weed, and who knows what you know about weed right now. My advice is to research weed, learn about it and put your mind to ease.

    Your English is fine, but that doesn't change the fact that I have to charge you for my medical opinion that isn't actually rooted in any medical knowledge...So, uh, let's say, $19.44 with a separate charge of $3.04 for...Things.:coolalt:
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  3. Hey man, thanks for the reply. The cash will be wired to your account shortly lol.

    I also thought for a long time its phycosomatic and all in my head, doctors said its definitely anxiety but idk its been an awfully long time for it to linger, the pressure in my head is constant and causes my body to tense up i cant get it out of my mind that i damaged my brain.

    I havnt done any drugs since btw
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  4. And when can I expect mine??:GettingStoned:
  5. Well you havnt given your opinion yet
  6. Heres my opinion. Relax it's not for everyone.

    That'll be $78.95
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    Ok, I'll share my personal experience at the age of 16 (1992)

    Im from the days before Hydro. Which means i had to wait to buy good bud because it was only available certain times of the year due to the seasonal outdoor grows. (and lack of weed going around at the time)

    I always used to love that weed. It tasted good, it smelt good & it made me laugh till my stomach hurt.... and i knew the grower... Then came "hydro" at this time it was known to be "Skunk weed". Now looking back it more than likely was the strain "skunk". But at the time the new name for hydro was "Skunk"

    Now.... My very first smoke of "hydro" sent me into a whole other mindset. My paranoia went through the roof and every time i was stoned i wanted to be straight. It really messed with me to the point i couldn't be around my closet friends. So i quit completely!

    A few years later my friend started growing for himself. (not sure what strain and i dont think he new either) He grew with mostly organic soil and cleaned her out (flushed) a week before harvest removing any impurities.

    He asked if i wanted to try some. I said no for at least 3 mths, until one day i said ok lets have a go. To my absolute surprise i was laughing hard and with no paranoid thoughts at all.

    Now before you jump on me about.. "It could have been just the weed at the time" . I also did go on thinking at the time it was just a bad experience when i was young and that maybe it was just me. That was until I bought some bud from a "friend of a friend" a few years later. (dont know the strain sorry)

    But there was, my paranoia back again. I remember i stood up from my lounge having a panic attack and passed out hitting my head pretty bad on the way down.

    So what i put it down to, is this.. Allot of people grow purely to make money and dont give a shit what they pump into their plants and by no means do they care about flushing out the chemicals. And who knows what conditions they were grown in... could have been sprayed with toxic pesticides and and left to dry on the buds. I feel i had a bad reaction to the chemicals used in the growth of the plants that i smoked which resulted in a chemical imbalance which resulted in paranoia.

    All i know is, since growing my own ive NEVER had another case of paranoia in over 15 years.

    My advice; KNOW what you're smoking! Dont take someones word for it. And try with a 50/50 Sativa/Indica strain. sativas can be known for head racing thoughts. But i dont have any issues with 100% sativas.

    Thats my personal experience, hope this helps and sorry for the half hearted grammar :)

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