Please, help me design my hydro setup, Please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LegitSmokin, May 1, 2003.

  1. I have done one soil grow under flouros. I am now setting up my first hydro grow. I can easily get my hands on either a 400watt hps or 1000watt hps.

    Space is unlimited(spare bedroom). After the purchase of my light, I will have about $300 for the rest of my setup(already got seeds).

    I need help choosing a hydro setup I can build my self that will be most efficient for me. Which light should I do?, the 400 or the 1000. Please design me a good setup, please. thank you

    also would it be better to go with 1 1000 or 2 400's, or 1 400 considering heat? and how many plants can I do with each?
  2. better go with the bubble bucket method and one 400 watt light. With $300 bucks you can't afford much more lights because you will need a pH meter and that runs close to $100.

    Overgrow FAQ section has the specs for a bubble bucket set-up.
  3. Go with a bubbler or tubbler setup.. and if you're using an unconfined space, get a 1k lamp (250 from You can get a cheap pH pen off (I think 50) and GH nutes. Look to spend over 300 though, but will be well worth the investment..
  4. This all depends on how many you want to grow.. For a small space I would def use the 400 w hps due to the fact in a small room you are going to need to ventilate the heat out of the room and working with 300 dollars it doesnt look that promising. If you want to save money on the ph meter then just buy a ph tester kit at any pool store. You should def invest in a total dissolved solids meter, plenty of nutes for grow and budding, as well as clay rocks, plugs, plastic holders with holes, and an aquarium pump. For a really cost effective way to do it go to wal mart get an aquarium pump ($8), bubblestrip ($5), Storage tub ($7), Solo cups (with holes poked all over) ($2), and a razor blade ($1), in addition to these things your still going to need to get plugs, clay balls, nutes, ec meter, ballast and bulb. Although this is most cost effective its almost better just to invest in a kit trust me its a pain but when strapped for cash it works. Hope this was helpful
  5. dude, if you have a whole room, get the 1000w. you'll be somewhat limited as to how much you can produce with a 400w (i use a 400, but have a cab, not a whole room. i wish i had a whole room). heat will still be an issue, but not so much considering the space you have.
  6. This was first posted over 3 years ago...

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