PLease help me asap! anyone!!!!!

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  1. Today was the second day since my plant sprouted. I had him outside in the sun all day and im sure that he has enough water. My plants only set of leaves are drooping and its a wee bit burnt at the tips? im pretty sure this is Nute burn becuz im using Miracle grow question is
    all that i can get atm is this Black earth top soil President's Choice

    Should i transplant my baby into a cup of this or keep him in the miracle grow I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOO,,,,see link above
  2. Yo dude, I don't know about that soil but I'd keep her in the MG until she is a little bigger/older.
  3. will/can she die from nute burn?
  4. She should be fine, lots of people use MG even though it does suck for groing MJ. I grew a white widow in MG and apart from the yeild being low she was fine.

    You really don't want to mess up the taproot while she is so young. I would wait until she has some strong roots and a few sets of leaves and then add lots of the new soil or peatmoss and perlite which is what I now use. I'll never use MG again but it didn't kill or burn her.

    Good luck
  5. Just leave it til the plants builds more of a root system before transplanting...just feed it only water til you transplant.

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