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Please help is this mold.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by VisineRocks, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Is this mold? I have low humidity like 30% Ive go a fan at the bottom im running DWC and am 6 weeks into gorwing one Dairy Queen stivia dom.

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  2. temps are 65-75. Running 400w cool tube. Please help me. Its really dry and their are extreamly tiny balck spots on the stem I looked at them thru a microscope and its just a tiny dot.
  3. Can I see a shot of the whole plant? How old is she what are you feeding her. It doesn't look like mold to me it looks like some sort of stress. Where's it happening on the plant haw you noticed its spreading etc. etc.
  4. I havent noticed it spreading, she's 49 days in 12/12 80days from seed. Im useing AN 3-part with liquid cool bloom.

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  5. I dont think it is mold either, the plant looks very healthy over all also, I get that same thing when i spray with azamax or foliar feed, the water droplets form a lens and slightly burn the plant under the droplets.. Have you sprayed in the last few days?

    Has it been on the buds at all??

    What percentage of the leaves are affected??

    Whats the recommended flowering time for the strain??

    Is it on New or old growth??

    Again I have seen this on a number of my plants and have never lost a plant from it, It might just be the genetics and the fan leaves are dyeing off.

    Nice looking grow too...........

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