please help i am use to growing indoor not outdoor

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  1. why is my cannabis plant showing flowering when it is still getting 15 hours of sunlight and its not and auto
    she is 5 ft tall and for the last 4 months she is been growing great the last two weeks she started decling and i thought it was nut problems like the small ones cal/mag and other none common ones they say or outside it
    fixed all of that but it didnt fix it all i then a ton of roots comming out of it like it was a new pot so i have put them indoor at the moment so it didn't have to go through the 100 degree days and after 2 days in there the roots have completly went back into the pot some how and the 1 day later it looks like this i was wondering before i transplant it if it realy needs it

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  2. I do not understand your problem nor what you are saying but u should be fine mate
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  3. Plants knows fall is coming...outdoor plants dont wait for 12/12

  4. I have been seeing this tidbit of information rather regularly......however I have no experience with it because I grow indoors under my own lighting schedule....

    It seems to be the consensus that outdoor plants will start to flower at or around about 10 hours of darkness
  5. Yes we are on the east coast of canada and we we are at about 14hr light, 10 dark and flowering has begun
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  6. Outdoors 14.5 hrs of light triggers flowering.
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  7. my plants started to flower end of june!!! I thought that was early but they know more about what to do than me.
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