Please help Cant figure out if I have light burn, nute burn, or nute deficiency...

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  1. I noticed yesterday that a couple of my plants had started to fade in color between the veins. I pulled up my led lights as I had them about a foot away from the plant just in case I was too close. I'm not sure if I over fed nutes(fox farm trio)  as I have slowly increased the dosage from half strength..  First three pics are under the led lights and the fourth is just a flash on the camera without led lights. Please help


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  2. Def not light or nute burn. Just not sure which deficiency it is. Hope someone gives you the answer.
  3. my experience with burn, heat or nute, leaves will warp and curl... my guess is deficiency... you can back off nutes and flush for a few days to be sure... good luck.
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    Most likely a Nitrogen or CalMag deficiency. What kind of water are you using? Tap, distilled or RO? What kind of medium are you using? What is your watering schedule? I can diagnose the problem with those answers.
  5. Can we please get a shot of the whole plant, pots included?

    Looks like the beginning stages of magnesium, with a hint of zinc def to me.

    A shot of the pot will let me know if its from being rootbound or not, they look large from what i can see.
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  7. If it is indeed a magnesium deficiency, which is indicated by the intraveinal chlorosis, a tsp for two of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in a gallon of water applied as a foliar application should clear it right up in a matter of days. Spray just before lights out, so that light doesnt effect the stomatas uptake of nutes and mainly so you dont burn them.


    P.s. i dont think its a calcium deficiency as none of the rust spots are present, nor do i think its zinc, since the yellowing from the top down was an illusion caused by the leds. The green pic makes it clearer imho.

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