Please help. Bugs - Maybe Spidermites?

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  1. Hi, I'm an absolute beginner, who, after doing hours and hours of "research" reading the posts and "how-to"s on here, decided to finally jump into the world of producing my own smokage, instead of getting ripped off by crooked people. I have a small box (I plan on eventually making my own thread of my progress), but it's a small box, spray painted flat white inside (couldn't find mylar - that's a later upgrade I'm planning), with a 100 watt HPS light, and a small cheap ass tube flourescent, that I plan on growing just one single plant at a time, using the "low stress training technique" to get the most out of the small box. More on all this crap later.

    Either way, I'm only about 2-2.5 weeks into growing and I have spotted (2 or 3) either small holes, or discolored dots. From what I have read, that is a clue for spider mites. I read about red mites, and I think that's what I remember seeing at my grandparents when I was little, those insanely small red bugs crawling around on their front porch cement steps. Well, that's what I'm seeing on my plant -- mostly just in the dirt around the plant. BUTTTTTT these ones are WHITE.

    I, knowing I'm a beginner, am trying to keep a very close eye on my plant (only 2-3 inches tall, sprouting from the middle of the first leaves it made). I want to make as few mistakes as possible, so I'm going to rely on these forums and YOU people to help me. :p

    Anyway, I'll get some pictures, if needed, (though I don't think it'd help much, it takes a good 45 seconds of staring for me to finally see them again, even though there's a lot of them) but my question is, what should I do about these bugs? Once again, they're small (half of a millimeter in length) white bugs, mostly crawling around in the soil. Any help would be appreciated. As a note, I live in the US, in a place that doesn't have any real "grow shops" ... just home depot or lowe's or tractor supply company.

  2. I found this on another forum....but once again, I do not know for sure if these are spidermites that I have. Just a guess from what I've read online...

    "this stuff kills mites!! its all i use.
    have fun killing those little bugers

    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar
    1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
    2 drops dish detergent
    1/4 Teaspoon Epsom Salts

    Take a cup of very hot water and desolve the epsom salts,take rest of ingredients and place in a clean 2 liter bottle and let work out. Add epsom solution. Add water to fill to 48ozs(3/4 full).Shake well.

    TO USE: Cover soil/medium with plastic,with lights off mist plant all over,especialy under leaves,
    Wait 20 mins,then spritz off with clean fresh water shaking as much water off plant as you can.
    The fresh water spritz rinse will remove the solution along with the desolved remains of the mites and their eggs.

    Have fun with your new "Mite Eradicator"

    Note by MrFixit: Water plants 1/2 hour before spraying. This will help keep your plants from absorbing the spray.

    This solution has been tested and used as directed will not burn plants,the rinse is very important though as it removes the spent solution before it can concentrate and burn the plant. It also removes most of the dead mites and eggs so you don't end up smoking them.

    The formula can be diluted further,to 1 liter and it will still kill the mites but isn't as effective at dissolving and removing the mite parts.
    Since removing the mite debris is desirable,I recommend the stronger solution,just remember to rinse and shake.
    This formula is alkaline(about 7.8- so please remember to rinse.

    Mite irradication is absolutely assured and guaranteed if used as directed.
    I've never seen ANYTHING work this well for mite irradication!!
    I used to gas my booths for mites,it worked but they came back,I haven't seen a living mite in a long time now.They haven't come back,partly because of cooler weather,partly because I hosed the Roses that were infecting everything with the formula and wiped out all the mites during testing.
    The only thing I wish I'd done different is,I wish I would have done sections of the Roses and preserved
    some of the mites for later tests.I've had to go searching for victims to test it on and there just aren't any left!! I did find some victims for my final tests in the park where we have meetings,the plants by the river are pretty sickly and infested(were I should say,I walked around with ONE pint bottle and cleaned up most of the area.LOL)
    If news of this formula were to become widespread,mites would become an endangered species!!!So GOOD HUNTING !
  3. Bug Buster-O
    this stuff is totally safe to use even during flowering.. just don't spray directly on buds. will take out any kind of bug problem, found at any hydro shop
  4. SNS-217 Spider Mite Spray :hello:

    I just had a battle with spider mites and this stuff worked like a charm. I was on vacation and came back to an infestation. I had hundreds of little red guys, and webs everywhere, while I was in the middle of flowering :eek:. Now they are completely gone, except for carcasses. Kills the eggs and everything. And is totally safe for the plant, just expensive! It was more than $60 at the local hydro store, but was well worth it to save my crops. Good luck!

    My Experience Using Sierra Natural Science Spider Mite Spray : 420 MAGAZINE
  5. Update: After another look, I exaggerated how big they were. Much smaller than half a millimeter in length, probably a quarter millimeter. Anyway, no webs, and no bugs specifically on the plant when I look, but plenty in the soil. Not many. I'm guessing what I have sounds like spidermites for sure?
  6. Also, I've read online. a 50% rubbing alcohol/water mixture is good to kill them too? Alcohol kills them on contact because it's poisonous, and won't hurt the plant because it'll evaporate before it can? Sounds good to me, what about you guys, worth a try before I get the 60 dollar bottle of shiz?
  7. Did you ever get this resolved? from what you described it didn't sound like spider mites. You would have seen some tiny webs, and little bit marks on your leaves.

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