Please help be4 my plant dies!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ckoko, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I am desperate for accurate advice and hopefully the same advice from numerous ppl cuz I've showed 4 diff ppl who are regular growers my plant to see what they had to say the problem was, and I got 4 diff answers so I dunno wtf to do....It's a purple urkle mother plant that I will be harvesting in november depending on the weather here in sac (sometimes it stays up to 85 degrees thru the 2nd week of nov.).....I transplanted it into a 10 gallon pot on july 5th and it looked GREAT...Every square inch of it is purple, it was getting nice and bushy and taller, BUT, i noticed about 10 days ago that it was looking bare, yellow leaves, burnt leaves, etc....1 person told me I was OVER watering it which I dont believe since I only water 1-2x a week and i live in sacramento where its been 100+ degrees everyday for the past 2 weeks. ANother person said I was under feeding it, which I also know isn't the case. So I took it upon myself and kinda just assumed that this dry ass killer heat is wats burning and fucking up my plant, so for the past 2 days I've had it in the sunlight from 8 AM-Noon, and then I put it in indirect sunlight. Is this what I should be doing?? If so, how many days should I give it 4 hrs of sunlight and the rest of indirect sunlight??
  2. c'mon...WTF???? I need sum feedback asap!!!
  3. A picture would be nice with your description. Here is a great math equation 1 pic = 1000 words.
  4. I feel u Luckyledog,,,unfortunately I have no way to post pics which sucks bad. It has 1 thick main stock and 7 main branches coming out of it. 4 of the 7 branches are bushy, thick, tall, and look nice and have leaves all the way down the branch. The other 3 branches are about 12''-15'' long and are completely bare except for at the very end of the branch theres maybe an inch of leaves....Would I be better off just chopping these branches off since I highly doubt they're gonna produce anything, and by chopping off those branches it should make the rest of the plant take off right??

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