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Please HELP, advice on forced T-break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chillerose, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, well, I live in a country where weed and hash are not available 100% of the time, usually it is, but right now things are terrible. And here nobody trusts anybody and every1 is a dick about it acting like theyre selling smuggled diamonds or something. Anyway, i use marijuana for severe depression, anxiety, complete insomnia, and apetite (related to depression). I hate going dry. The last time i was dry was for one month in a forign country that did not have any mary jane. I had the typical symptoms no apetite no sleep but the bad thing was i didnt feel i was doing anything better for myself, i didnt feel healthier, and when i came back and smoked, i felt way better. Right now i just have resin and i slept 1 hour last night with the help of valium. I know alot of you are gonna say that im addicted and a fiend but i have had these conditions since childhood and marijuana is the only thing that subdues my symptomns and allows me to function as usual. Do any of you have advice on how to deal with what's coming? There is no estimated time that i will have pot again. Advice please.
  2. im the same way man, i cant function well w/o weed, grow it if its that unstable, if anything else it'll give ya a hobby 2 do aswell, and it'll give ya lots n lots of weed 2 smoke, wish ya the best man :smoking:
  3. yeah man sorry about that, that sucks, if you're able to i'd say your best bet is to cop a cheap set up and start lookin' into growing. :D
  4. dam that sucks dude. yeah growing your best bet. or relocate yourself to a state with medical cause it sounds like you really need it. Come to Cali.
  5. yeah i would say try to start growing youre own bud
    even build a little stealth box if youve got to
    ive also heard good things about spice gold and those blends
    but "legal weed" offline is always bullshit dont buy that
  6. I just went threw a forced tbreak. longest 19 hours of my life.

    but really after a week my biggest issue is anxiety and depression everything gets back to normal. Not from not having weed those are both real problems I struggle with anyway.

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