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Please....dont cry....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. ...But I must leave you all for a few days. Im going camping with some friends. I should be back in 4 days....I know I will be sorely missed, but its just the way it has to be... If you ever feel alone, just look up at the moon and remember that, somewhere out there, the ice cream man is looking back.... Farewell my loves!

    Love peace and chicken grease,
  2. We will be waiting. Hope you have a great time. How much weed you bringin up there?
  3. 2 Os of pretty good bud
    8th of AK47
    O of shrooms
    A 5th of vodka
    couple cases of beer
    couple grams of salvia extract
    couple ounces of salvia leaf form my plants

    and a few crazy new psychoactive herbs that im just startin to "research"......

    ..thats just what im bringing, id unno what all my friends are takin'

    EDIT: plus four boxes of nitrous ;)
  4. goddamn, that sounds like a kickass trip, I don't think I even have to tell you to have fun.
  5. oh shit man thats not fair at all, damn.... well i hope your friends bring smoke so there not all up in your shit, hehe, have fun man.
  6. only one expression comes to mind

    "Good shit"

    Enjoy..dont do anything I wouldnt do.
  7. SO your the chap thats smokin the weed everytime we go camping!!
    everytime, everywhere we go SOMeones always havin a wake-n-bake,....always brings a smile to my face.
    havent checked the date, hope your having a fine time! on second thought, could you not?
  8. tell us about your trip when u get back...if you remember any of it.
  9. Yeah I really wanna hear about this trip...Have fun will be missed

    peace bladez
  10. lucky bastard
  11. Hope you're having fun nubbin and like cradleofganja said, you lucky bastard!
  12. phew we get a break from the avatar! ;) j/k NuBBiN! By this time you're probably half-way through that stash, so keep on enjoying and when you get back fill us in on your trip :)

    Tip: Bears are NOT cuddly creatures, no matter HOW fucked up you are! Ooop, too late you're already gone. Come back safe!
  13. Damn. Have fun man... bring back some good stories :)
  14. yeah... i wanna hear how that trip went too. sounds like its gonna be worthy of making Fear&Loathing in the blair witch type movie! I've never even been in possesion of such a coctail of drugs in my life before. best i ever had was 5 O of Bubblegum and a few shrooms. and that wasn't all for persy.

    ps- hey nubbin. welcome back (planned ahead) check out the poll on your avatar! heehee.
  15. maybe hell lose the ice cream man in the woods..but for real tho..sounds like fun man, your knowledge will be missed! have fun
  16. im crying, but out of jealousy. have fun man..

    well then again thats pretty much guarunteed :D
  17. shnit oh shnit oh shnit....what a blast....I didnt even smoke a single bowl this morning cuz I was still so fucked up and I couldnt make the hour long drive back home being any more wacked out....My theory was right...If you do enough drugs in the shortest amount of time you possibly can, you will definately be burnt out for days afterwards....

    Ok well, for starters, like I was figuring, I had a fantastic time. The first night, we decided to take it easy and just have a bud only smoke out session, because the group of girls that were gonna come with us decided to come the second day. We split a complete ounce of blueberry/trinity bud into 20 huge nuggets and lined them up. Between the four of us, we smoked one after the other around the campfire (in the RAIN) in about a half hour period...We were STONED out of our minds, and too fucked up to do anything about the rain POURING down. We went inside our tent and realised that the tarp we had put under it had caught all of the water falling down and trapped it under the tent...So basically as we would walk around inside it, our footsteps made little ripples from all the water, so three of us went into my van and passed out inside there after doing a couple nitrous hits. And then the next morning the three of us woke up inside the van and remembered that Cam our other friend was missing, so we found him sprawled out inside the tent,soaking wet with no sleeping bag or anything, he was just wearing a small pair of hot pink swim trunks and had a funny smile on his face.

    So after about two hours of bowl smoking and tent cleaning and trenching, we were back in business, and the weather just got more and more nicer during the rest of the trip.

    The second night we decided we were gonna mix and match illegal substances and fuck our brains up a little, we went searching for a good spot and found this huge spot with about 2 square miles of nothing but sand dunes and the ocean off in the distance. We climbed the highest sand dune we could(about 10 stories tall, no joke) and began our little adventure. Since my other friend had brought a couple bottles of hard liquor too i decided that I would use my 5th of vodka more creatively. I mixed a quarter ounce of my shrooms with about a cup of vodka and a couple cups of fruit juice and then put it on the stove to warm up and extract the psilocybin. I ended up with some great tasting shroom booz which I drank half of and gave the rest to my friends who also took their shrooms. We then polished off a bottle of jack daniels between us and smoked a couple bowls.

    It was so amazingly beautiful. The sun was just setting on the ocean and the darker it got the more intense our trips began to get. The sand took on a snowy look and everything was in beautiful pastel colors. The sand took on random patterns from all the ripples the wind made, and we just laid there enjoying the warm sand, which might I add I kept thinking was a big batch of cookie dough that I was rolling around in.

    After about an hour of sitting their being amazed with the trip, my friend, chris slumped over and began vomiting up his shrooms and alcohol. I started to panic thinking that we had taken poisonous shrooms and were all about to die, but was eventually calmed down by my friends. We decided that we better distract ourselves from negative thoughts by blowing up some fireworks. We got very stupid with our bottle rockets and m80s and when I think about it we're all lucky that we have all of our fingers and toes still. I remember standing with a small bottle rocket in my hand, I was holding it at the very end of the stick and I lit the fuse thinking I could point it and it would shoot off, But I didnt know I was holding the stick tightly and so I got a blast of flame in my face and then a nice explosion seconds was fun!....We then made little pits that we stuck m80s in and then lit only having time to run about 3 feet before they would blow up throwing us to the ground.

    We started hearing weird shit off in the distance(which at first I thought was voices coming out of an imaginary cell phone in my pocket) and then noticed a flashlight about a quarter mile away on the top of another huge dune, so I decided to take our flashlight and start clicking it on and off in an SOS fashion just for fun, but then realised that the people were calling out to us thinking that we really needed help. So we started to panic thinking that we were being persued, and got our stuff and ran like hell out of the dunes, but no matter how fast we tried to run our feet kept sinking more and more into the sand and slowed us down all the while the people kept gaining on us. We eventually hid in some bushes and watched them run by with their flashlights...It was a church group of about 20 teenagers who were coming to save our souls with their bible mumbo jumbo, and that simply horrified me. We started screaming and ran past them while pushing half the people over and out of our ways as we kicked sand all over them as we ran by. We got back to our campsite and found a shower room that we all went in and hotboxed with a few bowls. Then, being smar, we covered up the smell of marijuana by throwing a couple smoke bombs into the shower room and shutting the door behind us.

    Like I origionally said, I had brought along some stuff that I hadnt tried before just to see how it was. One of the succesful herbs was "Dream Herb" (Calea Zachatechichi), which gave a great tobacco/marijuana type buzz and is reported to give great lucid dreams (which I dont remember having). That night I had taken about four shots of vodka, about another four shots of jack daniels, an eigth of shrooms, and about 10 bowls of killer AK47. So I decided that I would do what any other normal person in this situtation would do, and I added to that list.... 10 hits of nitrous, a few bowls of dream herb, and finished it off with a swisher sweet cigarillo (a really shitty "cigar"). While I was smoking this cigar I appearently told my friends to watch me and I took a 30 second drag of it inhaling a shitload of the smoke and finishing off about half of the cigar. I dont remember much after that besides quickly feelinig heavy and then passinig out.

    The group of girls never made it because they ended up having to work, so we spent the rest of the trip being totally drunk, stoned and pretty much just fucked out of our minds. I honestly have a hard time remembering everything we did, because we were just 4 wacked out crazies the whole trip. I do know that Im gonna have to stick with just good old marijuana for the next few days, because I feel so shitty right now, its like an extreme herbal hangover/burnout that I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. So thats my little story and I had a great time(atleast the parts I can remember)...but Im gonna have to go take some pain killers and drink some detox tea or somethin cuz I feel like shit. But I do have to tell you guys that hits of nitrous while shrooming will throw your consciensness into outerspace, while breaking down sounds and sights into basic universal colors....whatever that's supposed to mean...I guess you just had to be there to understand...
  18. wow..sounds like your trip fucking rocked!!!!...damn im envious now...anyway, hope ya feel better soon ..funny shit about the church people..laughed my ass off
  19. OMG! That seems soooo much fun! Hahahah I love your stories; so entertaining. :D I gotta do that sometime with my friends. Where exactly were you? At least a city, state?
  20. Well Im in Eugene Oregon right now, and its about an hours drive to the ocean and theres a small town, Florence, OR thats a pretty big tourist stop. And about three miles south is Honeyman State Park where we stayed, its a pretty kick ass camping park, i read somewhere its the largest or second largest state campsitein the northwest or something, and its beautiful, all the sites are surrounded by huge pine trees, and a small walks away are about 2 or 3 miles of dunes and then the ocean...if any of you guys are around this part of the world sometime id definately suggest visiting the oregon coast, its wonderful...

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