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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by herpderpalerp1234, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I am requesting deletion of all of my posts. If it requires deletion of my account then so be it, just warn me so via email if you can. I have some things said on here that go outside the realm of green that must be deleted. Long story short, my company knows the alias I use for games and what not (I work at gamestop) and my supervisor was saying he googled it and saw lots of forums with that registered name...

    Jesus, I really really need this all to be deleted. Thank you
  2. You can delete them yourself.
    Go to "look at all posts by this person" and then "edit" and then *delete*.
  3. Word.
  4. He has 123 posts thats gunna take a while. Get them to delete ur account.
  5. they won't delete it, pretty sure about that, gotta do it yourself if you want it done
  6. Giving you shit for stuff you do online, outside of the workplace is wrong, and it might actually be illegal.
    In any case u got pownd.
  7. Yeah just did the google search and within the first 4 pages you come up on and 420time or something.

    It's weird to think that people can find out where you live, what schools you went to, where you work and what you look like all based on your screen-name.

    You, sir, need some diversity to increase anonymity.

    But i've never seem someone loose anonymity because they are so active in the internet, and that their SN is so original... very interesttttting. (Jack black)
  8. I used a different screenname to sign up here. Completely new. My regular screenname is entirely original and googling it reveals only me. I checked every link ;)
  9. Ok, this is how it works. You can delete all of your stuff yourself. We don't and won't do that. We're all responsible for our own posts. Or, if you want your account deleted, we can do that...however, that won't be your answer. This is why: when we delete an account, all it does it sets your user title to Guest and takes away your access to the account. The user name stays as well as the're just called a Guest and you're without access.
  10. Fuck. So deletion of my account will not give me the avail I require... Yeah well I'm the same way, I use plainshane as my alias pretty much everywhere and then another couple that I only use on sites that I don't want anyone to know that I goto. For some odd reason, I used plainshane here instead of my alternatives...

    fuck. fuck. It's not a matter of getting in trouble at work for this, which should not happen, it's the fact that I don't want them to know. Plus, I never got a UA for the job (2 weeks ago) so they might spring one on me if they see that shit. is not me, must be another plainshane.. though I believe is lol

    thanks guys for the info

    I GOT AN IDEA!!! deleting location!
  11. google sloppyjoe and you get like 500 recipes LOL. JOE>
  12. dont worry
    gamestop doesnt UA EVER
  13. good 1st lol
  14. now if i could just figure out this quick reply thingy thing
  15. quick repl is on the bottom of the post by quote
  16. lol i know right, well you got to believe it now:D

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