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  1. Hey i just made this song with Reason 4, please check it out and let me know what you think! even if you think it's crap, just give me some pointers.

    I was going for a chill/spacey electronica style but not too spacey. It's the one called Hugh Manatee
  2. word, i was hoping to hear some of ur rap man. if u want it to be a bit more spacey, id say slow down the rate a tad and add like an echo effect over it or something and maybe make the drip noise happen a bit less often :). i made something along the same lines a little while back but i used fruity loops 7. check it out here

    gimme some constructive criticism. im gonna start moving to rap beats so that me and my boy mbx can start actually trying to make songs instead of just freestyling. i also know canaboss irl if u recall on the rap battle thread. ny says wat up :wave:
  3. nice dude i like that a lot. i think its perfect the way it is man. its pretty phat i don't really know what to suggest.
  4. so u thinking of doing any rap stuff? ur rhymes were pretty tight, ive tried to make some songs b4 but nothing worth showing :eek:... it was from along time ago and it was just me rapping over a jedi mind beat, kinda okay, nothing special
  5. thanks man i was thinking about doing some rap stuff but i am still trying to learn this electronica stuff too. i don't really know what im gonna try to do next haha but yo we can collaborate or something on some beats/rhymes if you want.

    i edited the song a bit too. i made the drums louder, drip less often and less loud, and other minor adjustments.
  6. sweet post the progress up. me and my friend are gonna mess around with fruity loops today. if we make any really good beats ill put something up maybe
  7. word put it up man. im gonna try to make some rap-esque beats too. i think im gonna do like a mixture of both, like melodic electronic, and then a chill part with rap over it.
  8. Cool man I thought they were sweet keep up the cool work, post when you make some more love to here them.
  9. hey thanks a lot man i just finished this one that i was working on a few weeks ago but never finished. i'm going to upload it soon it'll be called beachead

    ok its up
  10. just made a short song with rap haha. its called The Surfis

    let me know what you think its a bit different
  11. word, the surfis came out good, ur other shit is sounding good too. nice work, didnt make anything worth while w. my friend. just wound up getting constantly ripped and playing CoD:4
  12. thanks man let me know when you guys do make a beat though i want to hear it.
  13. ive been messing around with FL7, i've come up with some entry-level beats that could definitely be improved on but it's a start. I'm heavily influenced by the RZA and the early Havoc of Mobb Deep, NY stuff.. simplicity with hard hitting beats

    but yo, i like your style, your song is pretty ill
  14. hell yeah man, the RZA is the shit! bobby digital is so sick. and thanks a lot. i have a new 'song' up, its more of like a beat-esque type track. it's called "the simplistic mystic" and its got much heavier drumming

    i am using reason 4. there still much to learn too, it just has so many functions and stuff. fortunately its fun as hell to make up songs and i learn along the way.

    you should send me a link or something i'd like to hear it.
  15. ok I just made/put up a new song its called a night at the red square.
  16. a new one - tranquility breathes. let me know if you like/dislike.

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