Please check out my latest song - Im playing everything and singing (Pop Rock/Punk).

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    I'm playing: Guitars (acoustic and electric), bass guitar, drums, vocals, and I'm doing the recording, mixing, and mastering.

    I might be a little off on the genre and so I am totally open to suggestions as to what it might really be.

    Also to note, the vocals were recorded in my car while I was parked in the woods. I pulled out my laptop, recording interface, and my Shure SM-7B microphone and did my singing. More on why in a minute...

    Anyways, here's what I think is an interesting song from me. It's been laying around only as a MIDI file since about 2009 when I first composed it. I've always thought that I wouldn't be able to play everything as good as I heard it in my head (the song is somewhat fast and the riffs are tricky). I also couldn't hit the high notes I wanted sung in the chorus up until recently. Apparently and luckily I got better at singing (but I think I still have a million miles to go).

    Then, all this time there was also the problem of finding a place to record my vocals (that's why I came up with the idea of parking in the woods). I needed a place where I could be by myself, be loud, and not hold back. This was it. Now I can finally finish all the other shit I've had tucked away!

    Critique is absolutely welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for listening, and it's good to be back!

    Also, if anyone has any technical questions, fire away.
  2. I did post this late at night, so don't mind if I bump this post.
  3. Hey bro, long time no talk man!! We used to skype some(you tried to teach me some things in DAWs). Im glad to see your back in recording man. this is pretty good dude. you need to keep at it haha
  4. Hey, dude. How are you? Are you still making music as well?

    Sorry I haven't been here, lately. Reddit is my thing, these days, but I need to remember all the good times we all had here.

    Good to see you!
  5. Yess!! im still making music. Ive learned a TON since then too. Pretty sure i still got you on FB also. I saw you posted something about recording some new music on there. You still stitching mars images together? I was following it for a while but the media keeps posting shitty articles about iit, and ive inherently become disinterested in it entirely. :/ idk haha
  6. I rarely make mosaics these days unless it's going to be a sick one.

    But that Facebook page I started back then is completely autonomous and has over 1500 likes! Scientists like geologists and shit refer to the page and images. I've actually made something that created a ripple effect. :)

    It's a good feeling. And dude, we are at the base of Mount Sharp. The scenery is getting even more insane.
  7. omg we finnaly made it to mt sharp? thats what ive been waiting on this whole time. shheeiiitttt i must witness this
  8. I mean, according to NASA we are at the base of the mountain. Technically speaking.

    However, we still haven't crossed that sand gap. But I'll tell you what - were fucking close to the gap.

    We've been driving parallel with the sand gap, and with that in mind, I'd say we're only like 2,000 feet from it!

    The pictures lately have been insane. You can see the dark sand and the buttes very clearly now. It's sick.

    Go to Google and type in "Midnight Planets" and once you're there, select CURIOSITY and go to the latest sol. We're at around sol 1106. That's 1106 days that rover has been on Mars in Gale crater. Remember when it just landed and we were at Sol 3 and shit? (Sol 3 was when we got the first 360 degree color panorama)
  9. So, anyone else check out the song?

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