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  1. here they are...




    i have 4 plants, all 10 days old in 5 gal smart pots in cana coco soil, with a 600watt hps with light schedule 20/4... i am feeding them House of Garden Cocos A+B nutes.. tell me what ya all think... plants r either super silver haze or blockhead
  2. 2 young 4 nutes thats y discolored
  3. how long do you have to wait untilo you feed them nutes
  4. roughly 4 weeks. then start small, use 1/4 strength and work your way up!
  5. so what you dont feed them nutes during veg at all?
  6. Yes you do, but wait till they get a few sets of nodes on them.:smoking:
  7. Yeah dude chill out on the nutes I wait 3 weeks to a month before I give them any amount of nutes, just plain tap water will be fine. What kind of soil you got going on there I dont see a lot of perlite?
  8. dont need perlite.. its cana coco.. new but supposed to be very good. well i am glad i dont listen to some people like all of you saying not to feed nutes until they are 3+weeks old. becuz the man at my hydro store said my plants would die due to lack of nutrients by wwek 4 if i didnt feed them in this coco growing medium
  9. just use 1/4 strength then if the new growth looks fine .
    no yellowing , bring the strength of the nutes up slowly
    im growing in coco . with canna coco a and b nutes
    mine were clones , and i used nutes as soon as i got them
    they were rooted already.
    mine have been fine, started with e/c about 0.8 . now at 1.4 after 3 weeks of veg.
    and are now 13" tall ready for flowering this week.
  10. I agree with greensmoker22. I would also suggest that you repot them into 1 gal smartpots for now to save on nutes.The coco drains very well and you need to water the whole container until you see runoff each time . I check the ph of the runoff and flush when the ph is too high. The coco will build up nutes very quickly if you under water but it is an awsome grow medium. I would wait until your plants are about 10-12" tall then put them back into the 5 gal pots and watch em go.Good luck with your grow.

    Peace LC
  11. Ya no nutes for at least 3-4 weeks, depends on how large your plant gets. And why are you starting them in those huge pots, it's a lot healthier for them if you work your way up to 5 gallons.
  12. wanted to start them in 5 gal pots so that i wound only transplant once. apparently u all dont know that transplanmting a plant is the most tramatic thing you can put a plant through. y do it twice?
  13. Actually not if you do it correctly, it builds stronger roots when you start small and work your way up and it can be very useful if you mess up during the veg process. Otherwise, the tap root goes to the bottom of the pot and begins to filter out rather slowly.
  14. i agree with kevin08
    yeh i put mine into 3" pots until rooted then 5" pots until rooted ,
    now in 15L pots .
    i notice no stress when transplanting.
    the plants grow so much quicker . imo
    also what is the temp in there?

  15. there are plenty of things more stressful to a young plant than a proper transplant. although i'd say now that they're in there already you may as well leave em, those smartpots are supposed to encourage more lateral root growth and an overall bigger root mass anyways so you should be fine. just make sure you're not wasting your nutes watering soil that doesn't have any roots under it yet. are you feeding with every watering? and at what strength? i would def start at 1/4 strength every 2-3 waterings and work up provided your tips aren't burned.

    im currently growing in 3 gal smartpots with ffof, plants are 5 weeks old and doing great. first time in smartpots and i'm already very impressed, root zone gets plenty of oxygen and stays nice and cool too. u used them before dub?

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