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  1. Okay first off thanks to whoever reads this and responds. I need some help with my plants, here’s the run down.

    •white widow just started week 7 nutes today
    •RDWC CURRENT CULTURE with Rockwool cubes in grow stones
    •Using current cultures nutrients in RO water with a water chiller followed by their schedule posted below
    •pH is always between 5.7-6.2
    •ppms vary per week never over 650
    • (2) 1200w viparspectras LED
    • 3 circulating fans, 1 fan bringing in AC from house, 1 carbon filter and 1 inline fan bringing air in
    •temps range between 68-78
    •humidity 50-60%

    My problem as I can see is a mag deficiency, potassium and could even be some calcium. I’ve given it more cococal which I believe is current cultures version of calmag? Haven’t seen much difference I’ve seen some new pistils finally. But what do I do with these leaves? Should I removed affected leaves at the main branch this late into flower? Also I’m trying to figure out why this happened this all just came about 2 weeks ago before that was smooth sailing. I think maybe salt build up? I see some residue on the sides of my buckets. I’ve read that I should be adding RO water to my reservoir every few days due to the plants uptake in nutrients to balance it. I’ve never done this before. Also I just added an air pump to my reservoir. Next will be a separate water chiller.

    I have (6) qb96Elites with (3) HLG-320H-54A drivers ready to go for next run. I’ll have the drivers out of my grow tent so I won’t have the fluctuations in heat/humidity. That is besides the point.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Want to hopefully have a good remaining rest of the grow.

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  2. Ph chart.jpg RO water is the best. I'd switch to it, and mix up the whole thing again. That way the water company won't slip some shit in there to kill ur plants.
    650 PPMs is ok, I only ramp up to 800 -- 900 depending on what the plant wants.
    Do not let the PH swing to far away from the target number of 5.8
    Adjust daily.
    A chiller is great.
    Also I have a stone in each bucket and 2 in the res with a commercial pump. Water looks like it's boiling.
    My whole setup is in my journal.
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  3. Yea I have an RO system I’ve been using RO water the whole time. Appreciate the info about pH. But what is going on with my plants? Someone on another forum was talking about possible over feeding and burning could be caused from my bud booster.

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