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  1. Its been raining were im at for a week now my plants are now in week 6 of blooming does the rain hurt them when there blooming? also i've been using tiger bloom on them as well as molassess what else can i do to produce bigger and fatter buds???? Thanks
  2. It's not the nutrients that produce fatter buds, it's your growing conditions. If you don't have the right growing conditions, it wouldn't matter if you had super dooper ultimate grow nutrients at 500 buck a pop, you'll still get the same bud, if any.
    Yes, damp conditions is not good for week 6 flowering buds, but i don't grow outdoors, so it may be different.
    As a member once said, "they don't pull up their roots and run for cover when it rains" (which made me giggle).
  3. Your plants just wont progress very much this week. The actual damage will likely be minor but it will depend on several conditions. Where your grow actually sits is very important. If your in a low lying region all the rain water is gathering there so your plants will suffer root damage. If your on a hill or higher up you probably wont notice it at all because natural outdoor drainage is very efficient. Also was it continuos 24/7 rain or were there periods of dryness? Youd be suprised how much soil dries out with 4 hours of sun. Ultimately though like i said, any damage should be slight. Treat it like you would a normal case of overwatering and maybe give your plants some extra time to finish. look at your trichs.
  4. Keep an eye out for mold in the upcoming days.

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