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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AlexHalding, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. hey guys.
    I plan on buying half a G and smoking with my friend Monday. I haven't smoked since September, 4 months. How long until I will be good to pass a drug test? I'll probably roll it into a blunt and smoke it with one other person. 
    All I know is it's a urine test at my doctors office. 
    I am 6"1, 140 pounds, 5% body fat. I workout 3x a week. I haven't smoked in 4 months and won't smoke again after this for awhile. How long until I would pass a urine test? so basically how long would it show up in my urine?
    Also, It's been a long time. How long will half a gram last? 
    I know these posts are annoying, as I was once a seasoned toker, smoking multiple times every day for a couple years. but please answer this! It's very important. Thank you. I posted this because I read from 2-5 days to 30 days, I just need a couple straight answers. 

  2. urine test is the weakest of all tests, It is detectable in blood for around 20-24hours, it can stay UP TO 2 weeks depending on how fat you are, but with 5% body fat and your active lifestyle I would say no more than a week, but try to give it 2 to be safe, how far away is your test?
  3. I'd say 2 weeks at the very most....I passed one at 5'11 198lbs, 11% bodyfat 13 days after smoking a gram every night for a week, before that i was smoking every weekend or so for like a half year. id say you'd be alright.
  4. Who sells half grams? o_O
    But it really depends,,, I would say 2-4 weeks to be safe but buy a piss test at CVS if your worried, there is no magic answer though
  5. My tests are random, but if I could smoke on a Friday i could be clean by Monday I was hoping. I haven't smoked in a while and I'm clean now, will it get out sooner?
  6. I would say 90% chance if you smoke on a Friday, you will test positive that Monday. Unless you dilute/use fake piss
  7. I'm reading that it stays in your urine for 1-7 days, and i'm expecting that I would be in the 1-3 range, because of my low body fat/working out. So is that possible, or stupid?
  8. PLEASE ANSWER! If you know you have to take a drug test, why are you going to smoke when you are already clean? 
  9. While it is possible it is extremely unlikely. If you are that worried about it, don't smoke.

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