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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Thomas29, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Do you find that you loose anything skill when you are playing some FPS video games after smoking a couple of bowls?
  2. Yep...after smoking and playing any type of FPS I just suck. If I'm sober I'll average top 3 rank in COD4...after smoking I'd be lucky if break like 10 kills but the amount of deaths will be through the roof.
  3. I have noticed I am not very skillful after toking up before I game either.
  4. I really only play Halo 3 online, and when blazed I either do really well or really badly. It depends on if I'm "in the zone" or not.
  5. I actually do pretty well, I get frame vision when I'm high (I explained why I love it in another thread and how it can be bad), but it kinda puts it in slow motion, plus things look more vibrant when I'm high and I see people really quickly. That's only cod4 though, other games I don't know, but surround sound and high def games are so epic, halo was crazy

  6. Playing a game like CSS high, I don't lose any skill whatsoever. In fact I actually feel like I play better. Haven't scrimmed in a while but I used to constantly drop 20 and 30 bombs when I was high as a kite. And in other one player FPS I just destroy everything. Playing drunk though, well that's a whole nother story....
  7. i love playing hardcore search and destroy or whatever other game match i feel like playing on CoD: WaW really baked, i can usually get like top 3 in the matches and with being high i always get more kills than sober, probally becuase im more focused/relaxed.
  8. Whenever I play COD4 or COD:WaW I always do so much better because I seriously start thinking that I am the guy which gets me extremely focused and then everything goes slo-mo and I can fucking aim good.

  9. omg thats how it feels for me kinda, like im the guy and im focusing on killing everyone and like they go slow-mo almost and i feel like im running around really fast owning them.

    smoking weed then playing CoD is like cheating almost lol, im pretty good sober though too, just better high.
  10. I'm the exact same. When I'm high, I can feel my brain say, "there's a dude's head, shoot it." and so my hand moves my mouse over to his face. Then my brain tells my finger to click and I destroy him. All this happens in about .05 milliseconds.... it's some matrix shit.

    And as this happens I get deeper and deeper into the zone.

    as evidenced here


    and here


    weed ftw :smoke:
  11. i usually suck more but have way more fun!

  12. I like where the guy says "The helicopter shot a nade launcher at me can you ban it?" lol
  13. depends, sometimes i can focus a lot sometimes im just jerking off.
  14. This i's The Same Way:)
  15. I'm 10x better after I smoke. Although If I smoke too much I lose interest.
  16. im really good at madden baked
  17. I don't think it affects my skills too much, plus it's more fun for me
  18. fucking christ! i lose interest too when i smoke too much

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