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  1. I've been drumming for quite a while now and I play mostly death metal. If I just get "a little high," I seem to be able to drop the best grooves, they usually have a funk/jazz theme too them for some reason too. Same goes for playing guitar and bass... I'm able to come up with solos a lot quicker when I'm high. Never anything fast though... I'm always feeling too chill for that. Anyone else experience an increase in musical talent when you are "just a little high"?
  2. Lol, well i have a guitar..i just can't play it that well, i wish i could tho..
  3. I play drums too, though i havent practiced regularly in years.

    I can't play when I'm high, i'm totally off beat and i get distracted too fast.
  4. Dude I love to play guitar and jam so much while im high. I can create some really cool sounding stuff just off the top of my head, something that im sure I wouldnt be able to do while sober...unless I really focused. It just seems like when I play high it comes naturally and without much effort. But mabye its just the fact that im high, mabye thats why it sounds so good. I wonder if my stoned playing would sound as good if I recorded myself and played it back sober.
  5. haha YES!! That sounds exactly like me. I had to record myself to make sure it wasn't just all in my head. lol
  6. Yeah dude... when I'm too baked a just think about cheetos and play a G chord.. but if I have a couple hits in me...

    It makes my music alot more progressive than it would be otherwise...

    I wish we had some DM drummers out here... nobody plays any hard music so I'm stuck without a band...
  7. I play at home high all the time but never on a gig. I've noticed that while your creativity seems to be more.. flowing, technical ability seems to suffer while high. Time also seems to come easier, holdin that groove.
  8. I think a lot of musicians write good music as a result of the creativty from weed.

  9. You must have some messy guitar strings
  10. Hahaha my buddy always jokes about that because one time I went over to his house to jam, and he noticed the area between my pickups was dirty (usually gets like that from eroding picks while you're playing), so I grab a damp paper towel and wipe it up... it was like 85% cheeto dust.

  11. Sweet sig dude, Job For A Cowboy is the shit.
  12. haha yes they are... if you like them, you should check out Suicide Silence and Through The Eyes Of The Dead...
  13. i get extremely into music when i'm high, i apparently perform much better as well.
  14. I ALWAYS play my guitar high, I can write the coolest weirdest shit when I'm stoned, then I record it and listen to it when I'm sober. When I finally get a band together again I'm definitely going to use these riffs.
  15. Well i've been a professional musician for many years and truthfully i can't play as well high. I've been high at many gigs and i never play as well as when i'm sober. Getting hgh and playing is fun if your just jamming, but you dont play as well as when your not high even if you think you do.
  16. Yeah, I love playing high; it's a lot of fun. It definitely gets you into the music more, which I love.

    Heh, I wish you lived near me; I need a good death metal drummer for a band!

    EDIT: By the way, I play guitar.
  17. When i high i feel like i can wrap myself around the music. Im consumed by it and i can consume it. I hear the whole band as an actual band and that makes me more relaxed and able to play. I get really into the music when im high, it pumps me up and then playing pumps me up even more. Let me tell you, theres no greater feeling than playing Angel Of Death infront of a large crowd after you just smoked 3 bowls of some orange kush.

  18. Not true, I write better when I'm high. I've been playing guitar for 13 years.
  19. the bad thing is i wont pick up the guitar unless im high...the good thing is im high most of the time.i create live soundscapes with my 12 string using a looping pedal to layer phrases over and over i can reverse the phrase lay down a line then flip it back then i got reverse stuff in the mix.throw in my e-bow and brass slide and its a sonic world of my own creation.for anyone looking into live looping check out
  20. i play guitar and sax.

    being high or not really doesn't effect my ability to play.

    if i'm really high i can't go Charlie Parker fast on my alto, my fingers get all jumbled up.

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