Playing Games While Stoned.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Azureth, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Anyone else do it? I've found wow pretty fun!

  2. I play wow, send kushmeister a pst on staghelm horde
  3. i play wow on a private server with my 19 twink. games are x10 funner while stoned
  4. ...exploring the Dwemer Ruins in the province of Skyrim.
  5. Im nasty at Gears 3 while stoned
  6. I have more fun gaming stoned, but I always get distracted from my actual goal and just end up screwing around. Kind of like in real life.
  7. I love to play Max Payne 3 when I'm high. also....... Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. I can spend hours building extremely complex parks and rides when stoned.
  8. I get bored of multiplayer when I'm high. I like new stuff when I'm high. For example playing campaigns I haven't finished. I enjoyed playing cod bo2 campaign a lot.
  9. all the time i have a channel on the youtubes where i showcase the games played stoned =D, id try out any game medicated, it enhances my game experiences.
  10. You guys should try Mount and Blades: Warband. Massive multiplayer hack and slash battles (up to 140 players). Amazing to play high and/or drunk!
  11. I have played games stoned more than sober.
    Being high opens up my imagination even more and I get too appreciate it even more.  It even also feels great to reminisce my younger days playing games with close friends all day and night.
  12. Of course. Lately I've been replaying Oblivion,  in anticipation of picking up Skyrim GOTY.
  13. I stopped playing when I'm really stoned because then I'll forget what I did, what I was in the middle of doing then I'll play when I'm sober and wonder what the hell I was doing when I was stoned.
  14. hahaha. I admit, it's not too fun when you are on the verge of passing out from being so stoned.  For the reasons like you said and sometimes you just have no idea what you are doing.
    A few times it took me two hours to get past something that should've taken 5-10 minutes max.  Man those were some frustrating times.
  15. play n64 games: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, DK 64, Crusin USA, Goldeneye.... great when you have a group of friends playing it and all high. We love it
  16. dead space. studio headphones
    complete darkness
    enough said
    Practically grew up playing it, sell your account you will be glad you did. NO way in hell I got the time for that anymore
    But I do play and love TF2
  18. High as fuck, lights off, HD TV, Turtle Beach X11 (Dolby 7.1 surround sound) headphones, Battlefield 3.
    Recipe for a good night!
    I prefer to play video games high.
  19. DS1, Silent hill 1&2 is also good.
  20. YES!! I totally agree, especially 4 players, parti party and rainbow road. proximity mine wars in 007 and speed runs on OfT

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