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Playing baseball for the first time in college?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by blazemore, Apr 9, 2012.

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    In highschool, my main sport was wrestling. It was sick as fuck and I was pretty good at it. In community college however, the lack of funding caused the wrestling program to close. So Im sitting here wondering what I should do for extracurricular shits since Im always bored as fuck and too broke to smoke weed anymore. Ive never played baseball before, but I understand how to play the game but I probably don't know alot of technical things that I could probably pickup quickly throughout a season. What do you guys think? Should I go for it? I'm not too bad athletically, but baseball wasnt really my sport when I was younger. I'm unsure how well I could catch, throw, and bat. Maybe I just need practice.. Too bad all of my friends are lazy fucks that don't know the first thing about staying active. :p
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  3. depends what school, if it's a weak school then sure why not... like Mission (SJ) they suck
  4. I wrestled through highschool and played baseball until after my freshman year. Baseball is alot more technical, you'd be lucky to learn how to catch, throw, and bat well by the time you graduate.

    But the basic's aren't too hard to get down, and I don't think a community college would be too hard to play for. Is there a reason not to go for it? If you just want like a fun sport that'll keep you in shape baseball's a good choice, people usually don't realize the level of fitness a good player has to maintain, but with a wrestling background you sure as hell know.
  5. Give it a try man why the fuck not...who knows you might be the next Babe Ruth
  6. Baseball is a lot harder than it looks.

    It's not that easy to hit a curve ball comin at you at 75 mph. Most of those guys have been doing it their whole lives.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk but not knowing you or your athletic abilities or what school you go to I'd say don't do it.
  7. I wish i hadnt stopped playing and kept going through college.
  8. or how hard it is to catch that fast rolling ball...
  9. [quote name='"rubbs"']

    or how hard it is to catch that fast rolling ball...[/quote]

    Hell yeah baseball is no joke. It's a hard sport to play well for sure.
  10. You would have no chance man. Unless u are lightning fast where they might be able to teach u to run basses. If not save your self the embarrassment. I played college an I am a student assistant while I am getting my masters. These people have been doing it there whole lives.
  11. I heard baseball is tough once you reach college, but it's worth a shot.
  12. you probably wont even get any playing time man. might not even make the team. baseball is a hard sport to just pick up and learn. you dont just magically learn how to hit a ball flying at you faster than a speeding car. it takes years of practice and technique work. i think you'd be completely out classed by college athletes with years of practice.

    you should consider some intermural(sp) sports. you get to play and have fun but its not serious. that seems like more like what you should be looking for.
  13. power is in your legs, keep your eyes on the ball at all times fielding and batting

    dont be scared to get hit by the ball it happens almost every game
  14. Yeah no offense if you have had no experience there is 0 percent chance u make the community college baseball team unless you school had like 10 people. You could try sign up for adult leagues in your community.
  15. Yeah you would pretty much have no chance. Baseball is a game where success is almost completely dependent on fundamentals and how you've developed them over years of playing at lower levels. It's not like football where if you're a freak athlete you could learn how to play WR or RB in a relatively short period of time(like a year). There are so many intricacies in baseball that players at higher levels do naturally because it's been second nature to them their whole lives.

    I just don't really think you'd have a shot, no offense.
  16. yeah, if only my community college still had wrestling. We were champions for a few years running in our leage, I dont know why they decided to shut it down.
  17. Baseball is one of the hardest sports to pick up at a late age. Hitting a ball is no cake walk on athletic ability.
  18. There is no try, just do. I think you can do it.
  19. yea man, no offense but college is not a good level to learn the game. I started when I was 5 and it took me a while to become a good hitter. There's so much repitition and muscle memory involved, in both hitting and fielding.

    If you're into hockey, check to see if they have a club team for roller hockey or something. It's not too hard to learn to roller skate, and theres no checking really in roller so you could develop your skating and puck handling without worrying about getting burried.

    Also check out ultimate frisby. Good exercise and alot of newcomers since its a relatively new sport

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