Playing around with my bong

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  1. Playing with my latest idea which I am sure someone else has had before me.
    The idea comes from my love of smoking my bong; I use a homemade mason-jar bong with a diffuser bowl on the down-stem and using ice as a cooler for the smoke in the jar itself.
    The annoyance factor is the ice melting into water; sometimes reaching the down-stem tube.
    So I decided to play and take a small zip lock baggie and fill it with water; place it in the mason jar lining the side and leave jar on its side in the freezer for the baggie to freeze(could keep extras at the ready too), could use the right size freezer gel pack too.
    In theory this will provide cooling all the way up the jar instead of just down low like with ice cubes and the theory has tested positive, the smoke was throughly cooled and will make it easier to refreeze. KIMG0003.jpg KIMG0005.jpg KIMG0005.jpg .

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  3. This is not a Damn BONG

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  4. Did not find; I made it after i broke my last glass.
    Reason I made it is the ease of cleaning and the fact I can change the lid to any size mason jar large to small :)
  5. Lol I made this after breaking my last glass piece and fell in love with it; the smoothness of the hit, ease of cleaning and I can change the size by simply putting the lid on a larger mason jar.

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  6. haha nice dude look very interesting wish i could hit it to see how smooth it is
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  7. Hey whatever floats ur boat right? Imo, nun like a 12-16inch bong hit love my glass. For some people it's worth the money saved but its worth it for me to drop that extra $100-$250.

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  8. Also watch that your glass doesn't crack while freezing

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