playin with your pets stoned

Discussion in 'Pets' started by activ, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Here you go.
  2. I love to be with my cat when im ripped, unfortunately he seems to never want to be bothered. I always tell him hes got to stop the hating on me being high, but I think its just the smell of the marijuana smoke on me that drives him away. Either way nice dog you got there.
  3. I wish I had a dog to play with while high
  4. Was just thinking that, I think not only it's mean..they look alot better with tails

  5. I wish I hadn't read this thread :(. At least most of Europe banned it. I wanna go on a dick chopping crusade to avenge all these dogs.

    And I think everyone knows that Bacon, but the convenience far outweighs the few bits of misinformation on wikipedia. Plus they have sources at the bottom...
  6. You mean for research, Wikipedia is one of the best sites for quick info. Anyways that is a huge sterotype, Wikipedia is actually very accurate and the topics that aren't sourced (not reliable) have warnings at the top saying what is wrong or missing from the page.
  7. Maybe in your school you couldn't cite it as a source on a paper.

    That doesn't mean the information on Wikipedia isn't correct. It's very well kept and extremely well monitored as well.

    Also, teachers are people too...
  8. ya that is weird cuz the corner of mine broke too and i fixed it but the metal piece that u put the wood on underneath is bent so bad the wood doesnt stay so my bed sags in one area

    sir willpower - ya my dog gets like that too but i think its genetic for him since hes a rottie

    i had a little kitten too that used to claw the crap out of him when he'd go lick her or sniff her it was so funny to see a huge dog getting messed up by a 6 month kitten. too bad she got hit by a car 3 months ago :(
  9. my lil catt jumps on to me when i least expect. dat shit startles me. then it just layes there
  10. My dog loves weed so i get him high about 2 or 3 times a week
  11. i need a pet!
  12. love playing with my dog when chopped, it just feels so much better to pet him and shit
  13. I'm convinced my dog knows when I'm tripping too. She acts different, she hangs around me and will be like, the perfect puppy for me when I'm on acid, its so awesome. She usually comes around when we are at that stage where we will pet her, heh, shes such a good pup.

    I love dogs. Your rottweiler looks like a champ. Does he smoke? :smoking:
  14. no i dont smoke with my dog he doesnt like that way it smells =/ he'll drink beer though haha. my cat used to always get stoned with me
  15. i got 5 dogs, 2 cows, and 1 cat.

    my cat is the funnest.
  16. i use to get my cats and dogs kinda funny but i dont have them anymore.. they went poof
  17. You know, this thread reminds me of that anti-weed commercial not too long ago, where the dog is telling the girl to stop smoking and play with him or some shit. Funny thing is, first time I saw that commercial I was watching a Ravens game at a buddy of mine's house, and he was on the floor at the time stoned as shit wrestling with his dog, they both looked like they were having a good time to me.

    But yeah, another friend of mines dogs always seem to come around to us when we smoke, no matter where we are in the house. If we are behind closed doors they scrape at the door til we let them in, they just like to come chill with us I guess.
  18. that's a good looking canine, purebred looks like it
  19. i love playing with animals high. my sister has 2 ferrets and those things are crazy especially when your stoned.

    i feel like when im high my dog acts different. like he knows and doesnt wanna hassle me. he acts so good when we are blazing togther:smoking: lol

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