playin with your pets stoned

Discussion in 'Pets' started by activ, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I personally like to play with my dog when im high. hes still a puppy so he has so much damn energy that needs to be used lol. anyways heres a pic of my rottweiler "Framer"
    i know, weird name huh. we didnt get to name him a friend of ours had to give him up so we took him. he turned a year in may.

  2. Nice dog.

    Personally, when I get high, I like to take my dog and chill on the couch with it. I give it belly rubs and what-not, while watching tv.
  3. Beautiful dog you got there.

    I don't own any pets unfortunately, because of my working circumstances (I'm not always home to take care of them)

    but I love my friend's dog. I don't know what bread, one of the smaller ones, but the thing is hilarious, it's convinced it's a pitbull or something. I'll take care of it when they're gone, and talk it on a walk to the park, smoke a joint and then spend the rest of the afternoon playing fetch.

    It's a blast. :D

    P.S. -- I own the same bed... it's from Ikea, right?
  4. Beautiful Rottweiler!

    I'm glad the previous owner didn't cut the tail, which seems to be the norm for rottie's.
  5. Nice dog I want one just like that.
  6. lol ya it is, its a fucking piece of crap though it broke twice from some "extra activity" and i still need to get a new one... probably gunna be from ikea too haha

    5446 - ya i dont like rotties with cut tails and its so fun to watch him chase his tail for minutes straight its hilarious.

    also just to note, hes not one of those really aggressive rots he gets along with anyone and doesn't bark at other dogs or try to charge people when i take him for walks. he only barks when people come to the door or he see's a squirrel on our backyard fence which he then chases lol
  7. No shit? I've had the same problem actually. One of the corners began to crack and split. I've got it mended for now, but it won't last much longer at this rate.

    Haha weird.
  8. Beautiful dog you have there. Seems very happy.
  9. yeah nice dog, and i too love playing with my dog when im stoned
  10. I like to play with my stoned pets
  11. whenever i'm ripped and by my dog he always stares at me......
  12. maybe you just think hes staring:smoke:
  13. Maybe he thinks you're staring at him.

    "Why does he always stare at me when he smokes that stuff?"
  14. i always play ball with my dog high and pet, kiss, cuddle, and roll around the carpet with him :eek:
  15. Ya, my cats and dogs seem to congregate around my friends and I when we smoke. I think they've figured out we give them more attention when we're stoned.

    I know this site is about smoking weed, but I had to say my cats act REALLY weird when I shroom. They can sense a different energy in the air, or something. No, they WERE acting different. I wasn't "just tripping."
  16. I'm shrooming right now : D

    Just tossed the ball a few times with the dog
  17. I just got done playing with my cornsnake , Sgt. Pepper
  18. I have a adorable female cat named Sam. For some reason she seems to be more attached to me while I am high. She is really soft and just as pooched as I am. We just watch tv while I am half asleep on the couch and shes just passed out on my stomach. And no matter what kind of weed I'm on (Sativa, Indica or Hybrid) I always laugh and it tends to wake her up. It just seems like she knows I'm high and she knows that I like petting her high.
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    Holy shit that's unreal.. I honestly thought all Rottweilers had stub tails.. I'm assuming there's gotta be some medical purpose or this world is alot more fucked up than I thought.

    I wish I still enjoyed fetch with my dog but it gets boring an hour after you get it :(. I have a blue heeler who has 6X more energy than my arm does so I don't even start or she'll sit by me with a ball all day. Anyone play fight with their dog? She always starts mellow and then gets really worked up and aggressive so I gotta stop her, but it's fun while it lasts.

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