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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4kronik20, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Yeah i know its a dumb question but i am a newb so here it goes, I'm making a festive snowman looking bong for my friends christmas party and just wondering why is it bad to use plastic? i mean for the chamber no the slide or anything dumb like that, thanks:smoking:

    p.s. ill upload a pic as soon as i can
  2. as long as it isn't melting or getting burned its fair game, just don't burn aluminum either. Good luck and I look forward to seeing pics!
  3. plastic chamber n shit dont really matter as long as its not being heated up or being burned directly (slide and/bowl) other than that your fine.... but glass in general is just better for smoking
  4. thats a bool lil contraption u got there
    i likey
    does it rip nice ??

  5. nice bong for a newb
  6. You should get some milkshots of that. I think it would look pretty cool.
  7. Thanks guys ha its one of my firsts and i had fun, but I havent had a chance to hit it:( because ive been snowed in with my parents so ill try and get some milkshots up once i do smoke it which should be either friday or saturday

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