Plastic pots vs wooden?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Netherrip, May 26, 2010.

  1. So i've been doing a lot of research in order to prepare for my first grow. My mentality is to do it right from the start so i've tried to get down to every last detail of the grow. A topic that I found that wasn't covered was choosing the right kind of pot. Now I understand that most people generally use plastic pots in their grow because its cheap and easy to move around. But what about wooden containers? I plan on going all organic in this grow, so wouldnt it make sense to use the a more natural container? Having organic soil contained in plastic just seems a little unnatural to me... Does anyone have any experience/knowledge with using wooden pots indoors?

    Thanks :D
  2. Wood and containers show their usefulness at very large sizes. They both breath well. For plants like mj this breathing is a negative because pot size is limited to 5 gallons for indoor simply because most houses/apartments cannot accommodate an 8 foot plant. I use 3 1/2 gallon bags and pots because my plants are kept under 4 feet.

    At under 5 gallons wood and clay pots breath way too much and loose moisture too quickly. Clay pots for seedlings actually lose so much moisture so quickly that the pots stay too cool for mj seedlings because of cooling by evaporation.

    Wood and clay pots can be used on plants with a minimum of 5 gallons, but even then you would have to water more often. You would however know exactly when to water because you an see the moister in the container externally. For instance, clay pots get lighter when they dry out.

    5 gallon clay pots are great for very large house plants that don't drink as much water as mj.

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