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Plastic grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eagleboy, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. I need a grinder to take on a trip. I don't want to take an expensive one, so do any of y'all know how good a little plastic grinder will be?
  2. Not very good...I'd just get a nice metal one with a kief catcher or not have one because I truly believe your hands are better than a plastic grinder
  3. Get a 4 piece metal grinder. Plastic teeth can break after a while.
  4. get a two piece diamond grinder. you can get m for like 10 bucks and its freaking diamond, waayy better than aluminum
  5. Mines plaster and it was 10$
  6. Got one for £2

    Only you can finish th
  7. no one needs a grinder, we all have them build into our hands
  8. Yeah if your going on a trip I wouldn't waste the money, just break it apart with your fingernails. I had to do that for a while before i could save up for a nice grinder, its not so bad. Use a tray or something in case you spill
  9. Plastic one will work fine, just don't expect it to last you months.
  10. You said you just need it for a trip. Any cheap grinder would do the trick for short term usage.

    Like mentioned above, just use your hands. :smoking:

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