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Plastic Bag Storage

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bagelman420, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I have recently bought a bag of high mids. I keep in a plastic bag. Ive heard if weed stays in plastic too long the THC will get stuck to the bag because of static and it can dry out. Is this true, and if so how long will it take for it to go bad?
  2. IV never seen this happen. Throw part of a banana peel in the bag with it and it will be better than when you got it
  3. Throw it in a mason jar...
  4. I think the weed loses THC because the plastic bag is not air tight. Use a mason jar.
  5. It will dry out because the bag isn't airtight. Put it in a mason jar or some other kind of airtight container.

    But don't use a fruit peel unless it's really dry and even then be careful not to leave it in too long because it will mold.
  6. the kief tends to stick to the ziplock bag and it can be near impossible to get off. i recommend getting a small tupperware container. not one of those big ones that fit a sandwich, but one of the smaller ones that you might put some ketchup in or something if you know what i mean.

    i do this and all that i have to do is tap the container and the kief collects at the bottom.
    i like storing my weed this way because your weed keeps all the kief instead of it going into the bottom of a grinder. danker weed hits and you don't loose any to the bag.
  7. Ok thanks everyone. Those lil tupperware things work great.
  8. i keep my weed in ziplock bags and everytime i finish a bag i can see trichomes stuck to the side,there is realy nothing to do exept not handle it much, and dont squeeze the weed thru the bag.never put fruit peels in your bag,thats stupid.
  9. The MJ dryies because there is still air in there when you seal it, try to suck most of the air out before you seal it completely. As for the THC sticking, THC falls off from rubbing and shaking in the bag, best thing you can do is if there is a lot built up. Once the MJ is all gone you can tap and shake, or scrape the bag so all the kief falls into one little corner, cut off that corner add a drop of water and massage, put in microwave for a few seconds and keep pressing after a few minutes it will dry enough for you to remove, and you can smoke that little drop of hash.
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  10. Ok that explains it thank you.

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