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  1. hey guys its me again...the guy that asked if this plant that grew in my ditch was weed or not and got different answers...people told me to wait if it budded and then post a pic if it did...well when it first started to grow it was small and bushy and now it got tall and the leaves didnt all just grow from one little spot..there growing in a circle around the roots like theres these weird things growing on them possibly a bud ???... i took some pics but there a bit blurry but ill post them anyways hopefully you can understand what i mean when you see them... ill post the pics later tonight or tomorrow cuz my battery died
  2. will post more.. my internet is shit so it takes a while to upload
  3. how do i post a pic without uploading to the net? can i just copy and paste?
  4. Cool looking plant, certainly not the chronic though my man.
  5. killer is right, it a weed, just not the weed. Theres an edit button to the left so you can condense you post into one. Its in the right hand corner. Good luck on your search for wild marijuana.
  6. damn lol o well
  7. No, got to upload it. Click on Manage Attachments below.
  8. manage attachements? where is it
  9. Below the message box, in the additional options box. Below the ´Reply to Thread´ box I am typing in right now. You may need to scroll down a bit further than you have been doing.

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