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  1. Check out my plants it is 4 weeks old tell me how you think it looks





    and this one is one i started inside and moved it out its been outside for about a week
  2. yeah,it looks over watered often do u water it? stay high man :smoking:
  3. Dont look so good. First, That looks like i see aluminum foil wich is a noob mistake. Get it out of there and use flat white paint.

    Second, the plant looks small for a month old. Here is a pic of my strongest grower that i started germing on the 16th of last month so it will be 4 weeks old from seed this Friday or Monday from sprout.

    I think you need to give your plant something. Maybe it's time for nutes or you need more light..

    may 10, 2010.jpg
  4. yeah its a tad on the small side but hey,ur learnin man dont stress it.just keep it up and ull get there!

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