Plants Under Attack!

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  1. Hey guys, I left my tent open for one night and I came into this morning noticing there were leaves getting chomped on..
    I have no idea what it is but I'm going to be realsing 1500 lady bugs in my tent coming up in the next day.
    If anyone can identify what kind bugs I have eating my plants that would be greatly appreciated, thanks !

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  2. I suspect small grasshoppers or the like crickets, katydids. I use GH AZAMAX It's a natural systemic, not a pesticide. It doesn't kill on contact but it interrupts the digestive system and they stop feeding on your plants. It works on quite a few pests. Ge out there at night with a flashlight and see if you can catch whatever it is. Or you can try Spinosad it isn't a pesticide either but it kills on contact. Other folks like neem oil. I don't prefer it

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  4. That didn't happen overnight. That is caused by sucking bugs, not chomping bugs. Look for leaf hoppers, aphids and mealy bugs. It takes a few days of exposure to get that browning around the edges of the holes. I can show you fresh damage from worms or grasshoppers .
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  5. This is less than 24 hours old. Grasshopper damage. 1499741698659-1109011884.jpg
  6. Ughh.. It's definitely leaf hoppers or whatever the fuck you call those mini cricket looking things.. I fucked up again.... I left my tent open with my lights on while I went to go pick up some weed around 7 and dude took like 3 hours to get to homeboys.. by the time I came back like 20 minutes ago I went to close the lights in my tent and that shit had bugs flying and jumping all over the lights and the plants :((..
    I know if I don't do something tonight I'm gonna cry in the morning...
  7. Caught some of those bastards with fly traps and duct tape + light

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  8. Leaf hoppers for sure......

    Calm down. This is a piece of cake, and welcome to the great outdoors. You have some options.

    Lady bugs, good call. The lady bugs will take care of the majority of the population over the period of about a week. However, they wont finish the job, only control.

    Next, somebody mentioned neem, that would work.

    I use DE as well. 4-6 tbl per gallon of foliar works wonders. Food Grade.

    Me personally, I would spray with neem, then spray with DE. Leave the DE on for a couple day and let the lady bugs do their job. Re-evaluate in a week. Good luck
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  9. I should also mention, those leaf hoppers love native weeds and grasses. Trim up the area around your greenhouse for some added effect. It's been a loosing battle for me this year also, they are sticking around pretty late this year also, with how wet it was.
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