Plants stop growing!!! Help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SeEk206, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I need help with my plants. They stoped growing. I have no idea why. I used preminum potting soil wit fert. I also used Ortho Plant starter wit 3- 10-3 fert. I have my windows open 24/7 with two fans (a celling fan thats on 14+ hours a day with a tower fan). The plant right next to my window wit tin foil for extra light. I mist the plants daily with water with some of the plant starter (very low ratio like 70 to 1 just to keep the ph down). Its been about 3.5 weeks and they are the same size after 1.5 weeks. I dont have a clue why they are not growing anymore. Should i switch to disteled water. I also plan to transplant outside. any suggestions would be nice. Thanx
  2. switching to distilled water problly isnt ur problem, although thats all that i water with (or boiled water). Try transplanting to bigger pots as they might be root bound, if they r alreayd in beg enuff pots then try more light or getting outside every once in a while like when u get home take ur plant outside in ur back yard and just chill with it and admire ur plant, i smoke a cig while doin this but i make sure to get a good distance from the plant. and i continue to ramble... and stop talking, peace -§tonehenge
  3. Your problem is your potting soil. "Potting soil for seedlings" is no good for growing pot because we use artificial lights. Soil that has nutrients added to it is very bad for baby maryjane plants and your soil has a lot of nutrients in it which is probably starting to over-fertilize the plant. This explains why growth has stopped. Transplant into potting soil that DOES NOT have nutrients in it and try to stay away from Miricle Grow, Shultz and Scotts because they all use fertilizer in their product. Miricle Grow (MG) makes an organic line without ferts added but drainage is poor.

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