Plants sag the same time each night

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  1. I have 5 Indicas and 1 Sativa in my system and each day between their 16th and 17th hour of light (Ihave them on 18/6) all the Indicas start to sag, the leaves look perfect, there's no wilting, they simply go limp. The next morning they are all standing proud. Is this normal? The Sativa never changes, it's always perky. The plants are all growing like crazy and look flawless otherwise. Do I need to be concerned? Thanks!
  2. Hey Gerf, let me just say that I am a beginner. In my opinion, if they look great other than the sagging once a day then its probably nothing to worry about. You may lift the skirt and check how your roots are doing though.

    One thing I have learned from surfing the forums here, pics get comments. Think you could post a before and after sagging?

    Best of luck to you!
  3. More info is needed. System, age of plant... Probably more that I can't think of....
  4. [quote name='"zoomme"']More info is needed. System, age of plant... Probably more that I can't think of....[/quote]

    The plants are 1 month old, one Sativa, five Indica. I have them in a variation of a NFT system, I used round pipe instead of square pipe so my roots are deeper in the nutrient solution. My grow room is 8X8', the walls and ceiling are covered with Mylar. I have a 20 gallon tank that is temp controlled with a venting system for cooling and a 300 watt fish tank heater. I have a 1000 watt air cooled light that takes cool air through the floor out of my basement and exhausts it out the wall. I have another vent pulling air from the room through a carbon filter and vents through the wall, this one is on a thermostat and humidistat. The room stays at 75 degrees @ 50/60% humidity.
    The plants stand up proud all day until a couple hours before the lights go out. I have them running 18/6. The room temp, nutrient temp and humidity are constant all day, I can't find any variables that would cause them to go limp every day at the same time. It doesn't seem to hurt anything other than the lower leaves losing some light. The next morning they look perfect again.
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  6. they just get tired at the end of their light cycle. thats good. that means they are getting on a routine and getting used with their enviroment.
  7. [quote name='"brendanC"']they just get tired at the end of their light cycle. thats good. that means they are getting on a routine and getting used with their enviroment.[/quote]

    That's good to hear! Thanks!
  8. If they are going in to a wilt just befor lights out that seems normal...BUT I just started a new system and in the first month my plants in the 12 hour on a 18 hour day started to going to was driving me crazy not knowing what it was? I had a new flood and return and thought i wasnt getting enought water to them...WRONG..I WAS OVER WATERING THEM...Every thing looked normal but the growth, they where growing good just not like they should have been..i cut the water down to 1/2 and it fixed it in 2 days
  9. Came across this thread just now..i know its old but if I found it..others will as well when they think they may have a problem:) I noticed the past 3 nights at the same time...just after 10pm..lights out is at 1am (18/6), the plat droops, especially the ak. Both are auto's. In the morning they are happy as can be, praying leaves:) Just good to know this is the same on 3 other sites:)
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  10. For the past three nights one of my autos started doing the same thing. I am also happy that I came across this and to find out that this is normal.

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  11. I felt bad thinking..maybe it's TOO much light and they're tired lol, they only started doing it since Friday night when I added mylar around the grow area. So now I take my pics before they 'get ready for bed' lol. Its weird..9pm they're till good..after 10pm they start to go down and by 11..especially the ak with smaller leaves, the leaves are firm but the side branches, especially the top node..just go down:)

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