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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JW1220, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey GC. Got one quick question. I germinated 3 blueberry and 3 sweet dreams seeds this week. Once the tap roots exposed themselves i place them in peat pellets and placed them under 100 true watts of cfl's. It has been a couple of days and i see no sign of the plant coming up. The humidity has been about 75% and the temp has been about 80 degrees. I am afraid to dig in the peat to see if they are growing but i am getting impatient and worried. Any advice on the situation?
  2. probably ruined from mold...keep humidity at around 30-40% during germination... its a key factor
  3. I would leave them for a few more days. How far down did you plant them? They may be having a hard time getting to the top. See if you can't scrape some dirt/peat/whatever you used off the top.
  4. I have ruined quite a few seeds by way of mold. I didn't have enough air circ. and the paper towel made a perfect landscape for the mold.:smoking::mad:
  5. I have had probs in the past with peat pots and dont use them at all anymore....too easy to overwater/smother/whatever.....they just dont seem to grow. Best bet is to put your sprout in a cup of soil or better yet vermiculite until its established.

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