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Plants growing to tall

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GanjaGremlin, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. So I know plants grow 2-3x in flowering. I left my plants in veg too long because I was waiting for clones to root. Anyways I have a sea of green and it is probly 5ft tall. It has been in flower for 3-4 weeks and already doubled in size. It is starting to get dangerously close to my two 600w hps lights. They are both in cool tubes and not hot to the touch. Should I worry? And if I should what should I do to slow them down. I have a hydroponic system with Cana nutes. 10 plants total
  2. I heard someone talking about little pipe cleaners but in not sure how that would help. Please I'm open for any suggestions. I appreciate all the help
  3. ur fucked do u want us to do a magic trick for you? use your common sense...

    Raise the lights or force the plants down with some string so it doesnt burn the plant only two things i can think of right now
  4. Ouch.. little rough but hes correct... tie them down, off to the side, any which way you can to reduce distance between plant and light when they get to close.. you will know as the light will start bleaching the plant... if they arent hot to the touch burning shouldnt be an issue... i would tie them down as well as you can and wait for light bleaching to worry.. mine slowed way down in height after about 4 weeks, concentrating more on fat buds... i would get that light as close as pissible now so that they dont stretch anymore than necessary, then just raise it with the plant as it grows....
  5. ^. LST is the way to Go... agree with e previous poster. You can keep them very short with this practice.
  6. I'm a little on the fence about this. On the one hand I'd say tie them down (since really I don't see any other choice besides becoming superman and lifting the ceiling up higher, that is if your light is already at the highest point it can be at), but on the other hand LSTing while in flower? Never done it personally and I don't think it's an effective method of growing but as I said choice really, so go ahead.
  7. Ideal or not he is where he is and not much else to do.. tie them down and get that light as close as possible to eliminate any further stretch....
  8. Cut the tops off the plants :shrug:

    Make it 3 choices for ya haha

    I'd go with pulling them down somehow.
  9. supercrop the tall branches.
  10. This is a good idea too! Hopefully they will stay low when they recover though.
  11. Ive been LSTing them in my tent for a while in veg. So i will try to tie them down like you guys say, or to the right( I have half a tent open). I hope they stop growing up, I will post pics later if it does or does not workout, im interested to see what the bud will look like.
  12. a metal halide bulb during veg will help the stretch for sure. also i like to top most strains as soon as they show a healthy root system to help disperse the auxin hormones to lower branches, creating more 'tops.

    given the opportunity, mj will happily outgrow the given space- which can bring about many negative consequences.

    as mentioned you can tie em down, etc to get you through but the most important thing is to learn from the experience.

    knowing how big to veg em out before flipping is super crucial. you need to account for the stretch period which varies between genetics. multi-cropping can become challenging as some strains will stretch far more than others making an even canopy that much harder to sustain.

    i also think excessive stretch comes from going from 24/0 to 12/12. at 24/0 they are in full on veg as they think its early in the season. then they go to 12/12, which has them thinking its later in the season. in nature this is a slow process. the abrupt change in the light cycle can cause excessive stretching, imo.
  13. Got to agree, i think stretch is excessive at 24/0 anyhow, and mentioned so in my journal.. i go 18/6 and was much more pleased with the results... MH for veg and HPS for flower.. mine doubled in size switched from veg to flower at 30 days... if height is an issue, why not start 12/12 next time from seedling.. trying that now and very pleased.. i could fit an extra plant, maybe 2 with proper lst technique and outdo my yeild, plus the plant is way frostier than the vegged plants of the same strain, tho i dont know what it is due to being bagseed..
  14. REALLY? Was that necessary? We are either here to learn, share or to teach. Let's go back and look at some of your early posts, shall we?

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