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    It's not too bad, but it's starting to slowly get worse. I've been feeding with the recommended dose of 2 teaspoons of FoxFarm Big Grow ever other watering, so for example, if I feed on a Monday, I might water on Wednesday or Thursday, then I might feed again on Friday or Saturday respectively. I PH the nute/tap-water mixture and I PH the tap-water before giving it to the plants... The PPM level of my tap water holds suddy at 100PPM (+/- 5).
    Any thoughts?


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  2. Over watering then over feeding is the easiest way to nute burn ya babies, unless you got the lumens on those plants with your high stress feed regime then you will crash your babies real bad..
    Oooops thats just happened !!!
    you ain't growing corn, cut your watering and feeds in half, but first just flush ya babies, with air temp. Ph neutral water, allow to recover, no food for the first 2 weeks then continue at half rations
  3. You are feeding them too many nutes. It's a plant not a human. Once a month is good for me. I water every other day too, and when the triple digit heatwaves hit, I water everyday. But just once a month for feeding and they do fine. Good luck.
  4. I've got 4 different strains in my grow-room, each were vegged for 6 weeks and they are one month into flower, that's plants that are 10 weeks old and I've fertilized them three times; don't you think maybe you're fertilizing to often?
  5. Big Grow suggest 2ts for normal and ts for heavy feeding every other watering. They also suggest 1/2 ts per week for foliage feeding. I am not over watering. I've gone 3-4 days without water before only to find my plants leave flopped and drooped down, but they perked back up to normal after watering again.

    As far as feeding once a month goes, that seems too low. How about I will stop feeding for a couple of weeks then start back again with a weaker solution of nutes once every week to 2 weeks?

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