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  1. I topped one white widow plant and FIM'ed the other about 5 days ago, watered them lightly the next day(about 1/4 to 1/2 gallon per plant in about 4-5 gallons of soil), and both plants have been drooping since. They seem to be progressively drooping more and more even though the soil seems to be dry at this point. Is this just normal for topping/FIM'ing or is there something more wrong here? this is my first grow and I realize now that I probably shouldnt have topped the first time but I'm just wonderring if iv screwed myself or if theyre salvagable or if this is just normal. here are some pictures[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Also I used water straight from my tap without letting it sit out for a day to water them (iv read that your supposed to do this to let the added chlorine evaporate) so I dont know if thats why they are drooping or not. Also, the one in front is topped and the one in back is FIM'ed if thats relevant
  3. Need more water

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  4. they started drooping after I watered them before though, wouldnt that indicate overwaterring or root problems (if this isnt normal after topping)?
  5. They look hot. And they look dry.
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    the grow rooms been around 79-82 degrees for the majority of the grow and i havent had a visible problem from too much heat yet (they appeared to be perfectly healthy before topping). Just turned off one my lights(I'm running three leds at 130 actual watts at the wall per panel) and its dropped to about 77, also watered the front plant. Could the drooping just be from the extra stress of topping combined with the heat? Also I thought heat and dryness causes leaves to cup and curl up?
  7. Topping doesn't cause drooping - either under or over watering causes drooping. Is that plant on the right - the one you can only partially see - is it in flower?
  8. Yeah the one on right is a gorilla glue auto in flower that I messed up quite a bit. My hope is that it will at least give me a bowl or two of my own home grown mj. Also I have had a problem with (what I think are) fungus gnats (or some kind of tiny flying insect) which I've been trying to control with diatomacious earth, I havent seen any in the grow tent in the past couple days though. I dont know if the drooping has something to do with that.
  9. If your soil is infested with larvae that could be a problem.
  10. 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water. Water like regular a few times and that problem will cease. But the primary problem for a gnat infestation is over watering.

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  11. That is a great tip. Storing that for a future issue.
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  12. I don't doubt that worked for you, but I had a fungus gnat problem in my last grow and tried that method because it was a recommended remedy, it didn't work at all for me. I used Gnatrol in 4 waterings and it worked great.
  13. I'm wondering if the soil is staying too moist in the root zone? Fungus gnats dont like dry environments and prefer wet conditions so if there's gnats I would assume the soil is staying too moist. How's your humidity and how much aeration does your soil have? A good way to tell how saturated the soil is by picking up the pot if possible and checking the weight by feel.

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  14. That is a GREAT point. A little CSI there, love the breakdown of the gnats.
    That is so true about the moisture in the soil. The gnats are very similar to the mosquito that breed around standing water in yards. Gnats love the moisture and breed in the damp soil which is why in many cases there are root issues when you have gnats.
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