Plants curling from tip to base? Greying ? Suggestions ?

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Im having troubles with my plants, Ive provided pictures to get a better diagnoses, im stumped, and have no clue.

    Sealed Room Specs
    9'L x 7'W x 5' 10" L
    15,000 Window A/C Unit
    4,000 watts ( 3 turned on )
    15 site Ebb and Grow System
    Clones where in rockwool, training roots to reach Hydroton
    Hydrogen c02 monitor ( Tank / Regulator for c02 )

    Running Lucas Formula General Hydroponics ( 8-16 mL / Gal )

    Temps Keeping 80-85f, Monitor keeps c02 1300-1500 ppms


    OK, These clones have been getting fed 25% / 50% strength the last 3 weeks, got these clones in big rockwool cubes ( hate those by the way ) ive sustained there life until my flower room would be up and running, 2 days ago ive transfered them into the bloom room with no signs of problems.

    Ph pen ran outta batteries, getting some after this post, But keeping Ph in range of 5.5-5.8 with my manual test kit.

    When i Mixed up the batch of nutes for the bloom room i hit all my girls with 100% Nute Strength ( 8-16mL/gal ) Pumped room with c02 and monitored temps between 80-85.

    2 days later i get these symptoms, per pictures, and im dumbfounded, too much Nutes ? Cant be too much light, no heat stress ? Bare bulb is about 4 feet away from top of the plants..

    Has to be whats in the resevoir? Nute Burn? Ph issue? P Def?

    Pictures suck, if need to be i can borrow a camera with micro option.

    Action ive Taken :

    Im Going to dilute the solution with water, take the ppms down -

    Added some h202, ( Minor dust left from the hydroton, stuff is a pain ! ) And for anything else that shouldnt be there .. 10mL per gal at 3%

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  2. Might also add, Before throwin into the bloom room, Was a good Neem Oil Spray, Been fighting Spider mites, and was taking the extra step to prevent them.

    There was also Roots growing out of the rockwool cubes when transplanted into hydroton..

    Thanks guys!
  3. They are shocked from the blast of
    100% bloom nutes.

    Cut back, and try n get temps around 75 - 80.

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    i did dilute the solution this morning after the post,

    also, arnt i supposed to be TRYING to keep temps 80-85 for the c02? i wouldnt think going as low as 75 would make any difference?

  5. I guess before this happened, they were doin
    good at those temps ???

    If so - never mind lol :eek:;).

    Just cut back on the nutes for now.
    Theyre lookin nice tho.


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