plants cant support themselves

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  1. They are like 5 inches in length but 2 of the 3 (from seed) are flopped over on their side but the top node is reaching for the light. They look healthy and all, but i just dont know, never had this problem before.....
  2. I am not really an expert or anything,but what it sounds like is if the plant is streching towards the light it either needs more blue spectrum or the light needs to be put closer to the plants. When a plant streches usually the stem gets narrow and the support is no longer there. The same can sometimes happen with nutrient toxity and difficientcies.
    Hope this helps you.

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  3. Sometimes fresh sprouted seeds will stretch out so quick that the stems can't support the weight. I don't know why must be genetics and hybridization to realize a quicker producing indoor plant. Prop them up with a little wire curled in a loop at the top and lower the fan speed blowing on them. As they grow older, the stem will gain enough strength to support the weight and you can remove the support.

    Noe if your plants are older than seedlings and are toppling over. your circulation fan is blowing too hard on them or you may have a fungus problem that is restricting the flow of fluids in the plant and its losing turgidity.
  4. You can also poke holes in a straw (soda straws come in a few different sizes) then cut it down the side and wrap it around the stem and continue with the fan blowing on it at a lower speed until it strengthens on its own again.
  5. Sorry forgot to ask, What are you feeding them, how often, what kind of light are you using how close is it? How old are they? Soil or hydro?
  6. I use toothpicks to keep them up when they start getting topheavy and are too young for wind from the fan.

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