Plants browning and yellowing. Any help?

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  1. I'm using a Sun Blaze T5HO-24 for 4 plants I've been growing from seed, that I also just transplanted into small sized pots. I currently have the light about a foot above the plants. Should it be higher or lower to the plants. I also have a small space heater next to them in my closet.
    My issue is that some of the leaves are yellowing, browning, and curling (some up and some down).
    Is there anything I could be doing better or something I'm just not doing at all?
    (See pix for more details)

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  2. What soil? Have you fed any nutrients? Runoff pH? How old are they?
  3. 3.5 pH. I was giving it some rooting newts but I've just recently stopped because I think that's what may have caused the issue.
    Three of them are 3 weeks old, while the other is probably closer to 4 weeks.
    Unsure of the soil. Came in a big black bag with pearl lite already mixed in.
  4. Are you sure it's 3.5?

    That's way low, get some pH up and get it to 6.3.

    I would also transplant into a soil in which you know the ingredients. My favorite brand soils are Roots Organic and Foxfarm's
  5. I lied. It was at 6.5.

    The soil is fine. Haven't had any problems with it in past crops.
    Any other possible suggestions?
  6. I would add some veg nutes at 1/4 at the first feeding, 1/2 at the 2nd feeding, then full strength. Remember nutrients everyother watering. Foxfarm sells a cheap trio for veg and bloom
  7. Yeah, definitely ready for some nutes there. And you can move your T5 closer, maybe half the height.
    Just kinda stick your hand level with the tops, if its not causing discomfort to you then the plants will do just fine.

    What is that, 2ft 4 bulb?

    Will you be moving them under a different light at some point?
    What strains you have there?
  8. It is a 4 2ft light. Strains are 3 Plushberry and 1 crazy train.
    They will be moved under bigger lights as they get bigger, yes.
  9. Good good :)
    Otherwise you were gonna have some real fun trying to flower all those under only 8,000 lumens haha.
  10. are you sure you need the space heater??
  11. I'm not positive. I just threw it in there to go off when the temp dropped.

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