Plants are very small. Need help.

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    So I started my first grow of royal queen seeds critical auto, i am growing 3 plants in a 4ftx2ft tent with a 450w viparspectra light, rhino 150mm carbon filter and an extractor fans.
    Date that the grow started - 7th Feb

    During the first week, I thought everything was fine and thought they were growing pretty quickly until I looked at some grow diaries of other people's critical autos.
    On day 4 I started feeding it: 2ml CalMag, 2ml Micro, 4ml bloom up until around day 15, they were all getting roughly 100ml each per day.
    I think I have been overfeeding it quite a bit and may have stunned the growth I'm not sure. If I have stunned the growth with overfeeding do I need to flush the plants or can I just go into a normal schedule?
    Right now i am feeding the same amount but every 3/4 days with a normal watering of ph water in between
    Light schedule - 18/6

    1.png.jpg 2.png.jpg 3.png.jpg 7.png.jpg 4 DAYS ON FEEDING SCHEDULE --DAY 8--

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 10 DAYS ON FEEDING SCHEDULE --DAY 14--
    Day 14 was the day I realized i am probably overfeeding so have changed the feeding schedule since day 14.

    ASDFASD.jpg DASDAS.jpg dDSA.jpg 4 DAYS AFTER CHANGING FEED SCHEDULE --DAY 18-- Gave them ph water today [25th] 4 days after the last watering on day 14

    If anyone knows if i am doing anything wrong or anything i could do to improve anything in general please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
  2. What is your medium?
  3. Sorry forgot to add that, i am using canna coco with perlite 70% canna 30% perlite in 15 litre fabric pots.
    Also i am using GH flora trio.
  5. Their last watering/feeding was on day 14 and i have just gave them 100ml - 150ml each today on day 18 [25th]
  6. You haven't been overfeeding......your plants look fine. Starting in a large pot usually takes more time for the plant to establish roots.......that's why I start in small pots and transplant.

    There is never a need to flush coco as long as you feed to run off.
    Never give plain water in coco.
    Feed daily to run off with a pH around 6.0.

    Good luck.
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    This is a very similar problem to mine, using the same medium with stunted growth and having been told by other members, they suspect over feeding, more out of panic than anything else I decided to flush the plants with ph water and the very next day they turned a very pale lime green and the leaves were drooping and stayed that way for days so I decided to give them a feed, well I lost 2 out of the five. The three remaining plants have darkened slightly and look quite healthy and I'm hoping will take off, hopefully, still very small though.
    The ec meter read between 0.4 and 0.6 after the flushing and was worried that I had flushed all the nutrients from the medium. I need to get this feeding right. Ps these are seedlings about the same size as yours
  8. Could you please explain what feed to run off means,
  9. What ph are you watering and feeding at? And run off literally means till the water runs out the bottom of the pot.
  10. What ph are you watering/feeding at?
  11. Feed em everyday bro. Dont let the coco dry out. Its hydro bro.
  12. Im feeding them between 5.7 and 6.2 usually around 6
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  13. Hello thanks for the reply, my ph is 6 and I did make the mistake of flushing the plants with ph water
    Thanks for the link Joshua
  14. Those are the "official" answers. I had the same problem with my auto once I transplanted to a 12 liter bucket. I did everything as instructed in several posts and articles and the plant was suffering. Then I started doing everything wrong and now the plant is fine. I do not water every day, I do not water to runoff, I do not give 1/2" strength nutes, but less full strength water, I don't even check the pH anymore. We are happy, me and the plant.
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  15. Any pics? Curious to see these lucky ass plants
  16. I've learned to never ever ever take any advice from weed growing forums. They're the worst. Stick to farmers and scientific studies
  17. Really should have taken before and after pics. The girl was pale green, would not grow and developed some brown spots in some leaves. Now she is healthy, but not very bushy like her sibling in soil, which is fertilized with horse manure and egg shells only. Once I get the girls out (I do indoor/outdoor) I'll try to remember to take a pic.
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