plants 11 weeks into flower, still no amber pistils or trichs

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  1. so I have some bagseed that has been in flower for exactly 11 weeks and 2 days. There still are no amber color trichomes or pistils, is this normal? I realize that with bagseed from schwag it's tough to know but man, I'm pretty sure that this isn't sativa. I started flushing this week, hoping that they would start turning, as the buds are getting pretty fat. any ideas why this might be?

  2. You might not really be at 11 weeks. Are you counting from when you flipped lights or it showed its sex? Flowering time starts when it shows sex, not when you flip the lights. It's possible your only on week 8. Some strains can take 13-14 weeks of flowering
  3. Is it a female?

    Are you sure theres no sacs?

  4. To the OP, and this reply, as far as I've known I've never gotten a sack. Only two plants on my first grow. But if you've done you're reserach (google!) you'd know if you have a male or female. If you haven't, spend and hour on google.
  5. only way to be sure it aint a sativa if the leaves are ridiculously fat and she said " im an indica"..... most schwag bagseed IS SATIVA it comes from mexico and in mexcio sativa is the dominant species so DONT pull that plant early i made that mistake beore just let it finish and you will be so muuch happier
  6. This is not true! 12/12 with most strains is when you count down from.. I have grown and I have seen at 65 days from 12/12 the strain does exactly what the bio from the seed bank said, it is done! Also this strain I have now was going to rot if I did not pull them at 60 days from 12/12 and it is an indica/sativa cross and well I say that because as with your issue I saw almost no amber but the stone is so strong it does not matter to anyone.... I mean trippin balls high on two decent hits bro... Watch em close because if you let them go to long and don't take them when they are really fat balling up you risk bud rot.. It is not just from humidity it happens a lot when a plant starts to die.. Don't risk it.. If they are crusty with trics and fat buds and it has been that long take your win and don't look back...... I am

    [QUOT/E=Tommatt;8527591]You might not really be at 11 weeks. Are you counting from when you flipped lights or it showed its sex? Flowering time starts when it shows sex, not when you flip the lights. It's possible your only on week 8. Some strains can take 13-14 weeks of flowering[/QUOTE]
  7. thanks for the response everyone. I know for a fact that its a female, as it is WELL into flowering. There are lots of trichs, and the flowers are full, just none of them have turned that milky or amber color. This is my first grow, and I just want to try not to pull it too early, as many many posts on here warn that the biggest harvest mistake made is pulling it too early and that the trichomes are really the key,not necessarily ;the color of the pistils.

    I was counting from the 12/12 switch, as they never showed preflowers in veg (I kept it in 24/0, thus the lack of preflowers. I read this in Jorges bible)

    I'm going to start flushing with straight distillled water for the next 2 weeks, and if that doesn't do it, I'll post back.

    Thanks GC for your input!
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  8. Flushing won't do anything to speed up the plant's maturity. Flush away if you want, but be sure about your expectations from doing it.

    If you have lots of trichs but they are all clear then it sounds like the only thing you are missing is patience. Stay the course, you will be rewarded soon...
  9. agree

    [/QUOTE]disagree...but if its workin' for you

    word dat

    time gets you in the ballpark...thric's get ya in the game:smoke:
  10. I hope you have seen Jorges Grow Film
    Its a GREAT informational film and lets you know every thing i happen to watch it every day i wanna be a master grower and its easy to get there with his movie
  11. I bought his book. Is his film online somewhere or is it purchase only dvd?
  12. i got it from a torrent pack if you know what that is you can find it online and it is the shit my laptop with all my stuff and mj stuff just CRASHED!!! so i lost that along with the hundreds of films ihad but its a great film you need to watch it its by high times and they also have a ready set grow film thats pretty good too
  13. A dreaded virus....:eek:
  14. I wasnt flushing to hurry up the flowering, I just thought that even a sativa is usually harvested around week 11-12, and I'm on week9/10 and they say you should flush 2 weeks before harvest. My thoughts were that I dont want to flush too late, and assuming it's a sativa (the fat leaves during veg make me think it isnt but who knows when you're dealing with bag seed.) i should only have a couple weeks left. I noticed hte trichs are starting to cloud up a little. I have patience now because I have to pass a drug test in a couple weeks, and I'm not in any hurry. Thanks for lookin out for a fellow grower GC< that's why i love this site!
  15. idk cuz im really high but are you running dwc or ????
  16. in my flower room I am running an ebb/flow with hydroton. It's in a 2x4 tray by itself, because all the others I put in there ended up male. so it's got plenty of room for root growth.

    also, not sure if this matters, but I vegged it for over 8 weeks, and this plant was the runt. however, now it is 5 ft. tall. the top actually grew above the light so fast that I didn't get a chance to LST.
  17. o ok cool not sure about ebb and flow im not an ebb and lower im a dwc guy as as for the flush the whole 2 weeks thing is based on soil honestly cuz in dwc i only flush or a week and in ebb and low im sure you could ppick something between that not to wait out a whole 2 weeks considering your doing hydro
    but did you use cfls ALL the way and was there ever any hps on them ??even in the flower?
    honestly thats the biggest thiing for development cls provide good survival light id say . being nothing more than a last resort or use on the first week of life
    cuz they jsut dont pack the necessary punch that mj wants and needs
  18. only used the fluoros in veg, and used a 400 HPS for the flower. Honestly, the ebb/flow is really easy, but in such a large tray (2x4) it sure takes a lot of hydroton. The plant is 5 foot tall, so I'm thinking maybe it has some sativa in it, if not all sativa, but who knows. I'm going to be using a couple of GH waterfarms on my next grow, because you can move them around. I'm using my basement, so keeping the humidity and temp. steady hasnt been too difficult.

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