PLanting tomato seeds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kcsov6, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Find out from a website devoted to tomato growing...
  2. I kinda figured someone here might know. Just because ya don't is no reason to hate. I'm not joining a garden forum to ask one question when I'm sure someone here is more than knowledgeable.
    PS not the first tomato question on this forum. You should search some
  3. Thx Samson will do :gc_rocks:
  4. Why dont you try google. There will be plenty of places to find your own information
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    Directing you to where you should be looking is not hate, although unappreciative, sarcastic responses are a lot closer. And you want to chide me for not searching to see how many other people have been callous about the focus and intention of this forum? Take a long walk off a short pier...

    This forum is about marijuana cultivation, says so right at the top of the page, not whatever other off-topic questions you may have. :rolleyes:
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    Gotta agree with toasty on this one, there is a gardening section you skipped right past to post this in the marijuana cultivation section.

    Either way, its a freaking seed and on top of that they cost $0.20 for a whole pack of them and even have directions on the pack about how to plant them. Water the soil, stick the seed in and wait. That's pretty much all there is to it man. If your in the US it is most likely too late to plant tomatoes outside anyway and they need a ton of light so it isnt practical to grow them indoors unless you already have a full grow op, which I doubt considering the original question.
  7. I just couldn't help but notice all the dignity and kindness in other such related questions I've saw. I forgot the golden rule of forums tho: low post count = you get flamed. I wanted to better my knowledge in the subject, but I've been talked upon as if I'm an infant since coming on to the board so I will get my info elsewhere. Btw thanks for aiding someone who loved reading the forums into realizing I have no place here
  8. Ps it is an indoor setup that I bought from a friend. Good day all
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    Man it doesn't have anything to do with your post count. This is a beginners section after all. However, asking unrelated question on just about any forums with purposed sections will get you the same responses. To top it off, you haven't taken 10 seconds of your own time to educate yourself or you would already have the answer.

    You may not like how it was delivered, but I did give you an answer. Tomatoes are quite simple, just toss the seed in some pre watered soil, cover them up with dirt and wait. That REALLY is all there is too it.
  10. Bingo. It's the Beginners section, not the "ask anything you want even if it has nothing to do with the topic" section. Neither is it the "ask questions expecting customized answers when the answers are already easily found" section. Those who are on here answering questions for blades love to do so, but the questioner has to show the right respect as well. That actually is the Golden Rule to keep in mind...

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