Planting The Seed [Please Look]

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  1. Do I bury the whole seed, after germinating, or just the root, and leave the top of the seed exposed and out of soil?

    Which one?
  2. bury it 1inch deep and leave it be:) should sprout 1-3 days
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    Actually I would bury the seed only 1/2 an inch deep. I planted 8 Super Lemon Haze seeds about 1 inch deep after germinating them via wet paper towel method and only 5 out of 8 came up out of the soil. I then planted one about 1/2 an inch deep and this one sprouted in about 27 hours.
  4. yeah 1/2 would work. 1 inch 1/2 blaaaah:rolleyes:
  5. I just poke a tiny hole with the back of a pencil (maybe a quarter inch deep) drop the seed in and lightly brush some moist soil over the hole. The roots going to grow down either way, starting from the top of the soil or an inch down. :)

    Ive done it lots of ways, deeper always seems to result with less seeds popping out of the soil for me. Right near the top I get all germed seeds to break surface.
  6. Okay guys, my main question was, should I bury the seed under the soil completely, so you can't see it? or should I only bury the white root and leave the top of the seed open and exposed?
  7. You should bury the whole seed. :)
  8. :hello:yeahh 1/2 inch would do they usually grow in 24 hours you'll see a sprout (usually not always) but yeah post some pics man I'd love to see a grow im on 6 days on mine:hello::wave:

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