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  1. I bought one northern lights cannabis seed from gorilla seed bank. I am looking to plant it in a pot in my green house. Can someone provide me step by step of planting. People say put the seed into water and tissue ect.. please someone tell me if i need to do this in my circumstances?
  2. You'll probably want to start it off in a smaller container and transfer it up when it gets bigger
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    How do I like transfer it? I don't want to rip the root as i heard its quite easy to ruin the root.
    edit: also couldnt i just chuck it in a big container in the middle about up to nuckle length down and let it grow?
  4. Most people like to use solo cups because you can just cut them away and it makes transfer much easier. You also can do that but you risk drowning your seedling in a huge container and it wont grow anywhere near as quickly for the first few weeks
  5. ok thanks
  6. No worries. What's your soil composition and stuff, do you know much about what you're doing? With regards to specifics with planting seed, it's a lot down to personal preference more than it is the "right" and "wrong" way. I like soaking my seeds until they sink and planting them on from there and I've never had issues doing that. Realistically you want to soak a seed through to wake up the dormant baby plant and take care of it from there out. You can do this underground, in a paper towel or just in a glass of water, all soaking it does is ensure that the circumstances for germination are met.
  7. I haven't got my soil yet, I ordered a northern lights seed yesterday, buying soil tomorrow, I just found out I have some plastic small to large plant pots aswell. What stuff should I look for to find good soil for my plants?
  8. Depends on where you live. If you're in America go fox farms or ocean forest that frog one because I hear people raving about them all the time

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  9. I'm in UK, so them american brands I can't get over here, I mean what nutrients or chemicals does these soils contain to see if UK ones have them. I can't really buy based on brand over here due to they don't stock the american kind of soil.
  10. Ah buddy you're in luck that's where I'm from. A lot of people here, myself included use canna. They're good because they do a soil and a nutrient range and you get get customised feed schedules from them and stuff. If you can't trust a 30 year old Dutch cannabis nutrient company, who can you trust lol

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  11. Thanks man.
  12. No worries. will hold your hand through the process and if you run into problems there's always someone here who can help

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