Planting Outside ??????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tntburke, May 15, 2010.

  1. 1) I have a mother plant that has been grown Hydroponically in a single Power Grower unit. Is it possible after I take cuttings this next time to move this plant out of the grower and go into dirt outside? What kind of chance do you guys think for survival? She is just getting to big for indoors and has been a good one I would really like to let her finish her life cycle outdoors.

    2) I would like to put some of my cloned plants outside for the summer grow season.

    Should I put them in containers or in the ground? Or some of both?

    What should I use for pests on them?

    How big should I let them get before I set them out?

    Is their anything else I should do other than start them in soil?

    Should I just let them go all natural or should I give them nutrients?

    All input will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Am I in the wrong place to seek the answers to these questions? Or did I say something to offend someone, all I want is some simple answers and have been waiting 2 days if someone can help please do.
  3. you got 100+ post chill out im sure you got alot of other posts asking for help and has been answerd

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